Robert De Niro's 7th Baby At 79, New Rules for Airline Delays & Ray Liotta Died of 'Silent Killer'

With Chris out on paternity leave, Lisa Curry fills in to report the news. They hear about Robert De Niro becoming a father again at …


38 Replies to “Robert De Niro's 7th Baby At 79, New Rules for Airline Delays & Ray Liotta Died of 'Silent Killer'”

  1. Beefbus says:

    Gilbert Gottfried looks so young!

  2. Orny: You sound like an old man because you have a denture lisp and you yell everything, just like a deaf old man would. You’re welcome.

  3. Adam is so normal and logical

  4. I find this dude tiresome.

  5. OneZEROOne says:

    Bob is insane. Nick is an Alien from Space.

  6. Orny Adams is hilarious. Great show

  7. Tuff Bud says:

    De Niro, a SEVENTH baby at 79?? Imagine the impact if anti-abortion applied to dudes.

  8. J Frederick says:

    glad we are not gay
    othwrwise we would control
    serious water rights in cen cal

  9. J Frederick says:

    Orny is perfectly made.
    I thank Yahwee for blessings of brevity, explosive, fluency.

    Adam Orny, plus relevant beautiful woman i dint kniw your name❤

  10. Steve Young says:

    Orny sounds like George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld.

  11. Coconut219 says:

    Weird how in the past 4 years everybody all of a sudden has a 50% chance of mysteriously dropping dead on the spot for reasons and it's totally normal don't worry about it… "trust us, vote blue :)"

  12. HR Pufnstuff says:

    I hope De Niro lives just long enough to see Trump re elected.

  13. MR MONSTER says:

    Finally Gina is gone and you keep torturing us with these women. C'mon Adam!

  14. Mike Moses says:

    Lisa curry, so pretty, but orny has to be my favorite regular guest. I love your banter!

  15. No news on Trump or Santos I see….weird ain't it folks?

  16. JACKSON AXE says:

    79 years old.
    Selfish bastard might want to think about what it would be like to grow up with a dad that died before you knew him.

  17. What a pitiful jerk to get a women pregnant…….he's 76 years old . He probably will be dead by the time that child is 10 . He's a ding dong .

  18. Pepper Grand says:

    "The internet shouldn't be getting involved with this "
    Well then don't post it and no one will know the better.

  19. Pepper Grand says:

    I took my flip flops off and tossed one of them at this girl sitting two barstools down, a flirt in my community. We've been together for the last 13 years.

  20. Happy Dog says:

    I’m sure he has talked about it before. But I don’t remember how does Adam feel about paternity leave for men? I know it’s scary out there and you have to protect her from Lyons but still just curious.

  21. 00gabooga says:

    5:05 I'm a lazy ass. I'm gonna forgo the picket sign for the protest sandwich board, so I don't have to keep my arms up so long.

  22. msdhark says:

    Love Orny when he comes to the poscast

  23. It’s the pool boys kid

  24. Lisa is doing a pretty good job at the news ain’t gonna lie I miss the heavies but don’t we all😂😂 Love the show ace man

  25. TDS is not a good look for Taxi dewd

  26. Alot2late says:

    definitely not a jew is my least favorite segment.

  27. Joy Winfree says:

    Jesus Mary and Joseph 😮

  28. Damn Ace! Pullin out the Jungle Fever AND axed! 🎉❤

  29. So by the time that kid is in highschool, dude will be senile in some retirement home and not remember who he is

  30. Bernie Ecclestone had a child at 90.

  31. What will an A.I. version of Adam be like?

  32. Ethan Murray says:

    Dinero is a narcissist idiot. It's one thing for Elon to have kids, he is young enough to see them through school. Dinero will be dead by kindergarten. The mother at 45 has about a 1/3 chance of birth defects. Good job Dinero, hope you're happy.

  33. Ihate Utube says:

    Do you think a 79 Dinero would have a 45 yr old gf if he worked at Walmart?

  34. Shingles doesnt care!

  35. That explains the movie choices Di Nero made for the past 20 years.

  36. dave marnell says:

    Fascinating discussion. Highly entertaining. Couldn't imagine how it could be better.

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