Roger Steele Paradym Driver Fitting \ World of Wunder

In this special episode, Wunder is joined by Roger Steele. Roger and Johnny go through the Paradym Driver Family in search of the perfect head suited for Roger’s game.

Ever wonder how Roger’s numbers compare to that of two-time major winner Jon Rahm? Watch for yourself and find out, you won’t want to miss this one.


26 Replies to “Roger Steele Paradym Driver Fitting \ World of Wunder”

  1. vegasgolf25 says:

    Wish my fitting experiences were like this. Always feel like I am just getting thrown into a club to get out of there.

  2. PY C. says:

    We need more Johnny content as well, what a great vibe

  3. PY C. says:

    We need more Rog content!!

  4. CersFan21 says:

    Give us more Rog and Wunder! Wunder says he's lonely 😂

  5. Space Outlaw says:

    as someone who can hit 300 yards.. watching this guy smack 350 carry down the pipe makes me want to get to the gym lol

  6. Roger try’s to act like he’s not that good .. this dude is smashing the rock

  7. “I thought that was just an act of God my boy” haha love it

  8. After all the previous heads I've had , the fat ones hit different.

  9. MrKeeper06 says:

    Please do more videos with the two of you!

  10. Rowe Sergent says:

    Why are they not allowed to mention the name of a certain golf course?

  11. Callaway found some good dudes to rep them. Good stuff

  12. badbilly429 says:

    His tempo is insane

  13. Jeff DKMV says:

    The content I needed, thank you.

  14. Danny.. That cut bruh.. nah

  15. Turns loft down and gets surprised by lower spin 🙃

  16. This boy has some speed and accuracy. Getting fit is so important. Nice job Callaway. Cheers.

  17. Geoff Klein says:

    Crazy. 344 carry w t f

  18. Marcos Cado says:

    So what shaft were you planning on putting him on instead of his HZRDUS?

  19. gixxxer1k says:

    great video. Johnny seems like an awesome dude, much cooler than trottie at taylormade. Roger seems like a good dude too, cranking that driver

  20. Roger stock on the rise

  21. FIintztone says:

    2:07 dude, you monster this made me gasp

  22. Bill G. says:

    If anyone, and I mean anyone ever questions the value of going through a thorough fitting, they should watch this.

  23. Ryan Woogin says:

    First time I saw Roger was in the GoodGood video talking about he needs shots. After watching this they sure as heck ain’t from the tee box!!! Great video fellas fun/informative Roger you got a new fan in me!!

  24. Roger absolutely nuking drives, great job boys

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