"Rory McIlroy, Don't Begrudge Other Players!" Greg Norman Debates LIV Golf With Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is joined by Australian {golfing} legend Greg Norman to debate the morality and viability {of professional} golfers switching from the PGA Tour to the brand new Saudi-backed LIV Golf. They talk about what it would do for creating the game and likewise whether or not the morality of a match happening in Saudi Arabia is suitable when contemplating the tradition’s controversial stances on girls’s rights amongst different issues.

Greg believes that an injection of $2 billion into golf can solely do good. When requested by Piers if he can separate the morality points surrounding the LIV Tour, Greg says he seems at it solely as a product that can profit the sport and put extra money within the pocket of golf gamers. When requested about Rory McIlroy’s feedback on the LIV golf tour “tearing golf aside”, Greg means that he shouldn’t begrudge different gamers their resolution as all golfers, together with Rory, are “unbiased contractors”.

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    28 Replies to “"Rory McIlroy, Don't Begrudge Other Players!" Greg Norman Debates LIV Golf With Piers Morgan”

    1. I love Norman's answer to that Rory question. We all have our own lives – let them decide how they want to live it. I think we've all seen now how LIV lit a fire under the PGA's rears, Rory (and include Billy H there as well) should be thanking LIV for that.

      Rory is a great player – no doubt about that. But please stick to playing golf. Coming out and blasting LIV and those who decided to play LIV for their benefit just shows what an a$$ he really is. What right does he have to question that decision? None.

      Rory can play where he wants – others can play where they want.

      It's really such a big issue because the PGA's monopoly is now threatened – whereas they have been the big man on campus for the last few decades.

    2. Something sly about greg norman,talks alot of shit aswel

    3. Neil Shirley says:

      Was Piers paid for this ‘interview’ by LIV?

    4. Nothing said about liv golf getting rid of 4 players to make way for 4 others as it’s limited to 48 players 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😡😡😡

    5. Tony Cortese says:

      Interview could have been better.

    6. Alpha males in any worldwide influence, are a threat to the cabal/establishment/NWO.
      Heseltine, Saďdam, Gadaffi, JFK, Trump, Jordan Peterson, Norman, etc.

    7. Growing the game of golf… what a load of bullshit

    8. LIV golf has no viewers

    9. Liv is not awesome at all.

    10. I've never see "PROFESSIONALS" act like a bunch of immature babies. WTF do the PGA players care?? should be easier to win now Too players in the World left for LIV. Cam Smith recent Star and Dustin Johnson and don't forget the farthest hitter Dechambeau. it's jealousy. PGA is showing there true colors, all about Money and Power.

    11. Greg Norman still trying to recover from 86 Hahahaha! He seems so sour and jilted. I have nothing against liv golf personally but I tried to watch a few events on YouTube and it is absolutely terrible. The product is not good

    12. is it fair that a player can obtain OWGR points by playing 54 holes with no cut, against a player playing 72 passing cut?

    13. Bobby S says:

      The harping on the human rights issue is getting soooo old. It is like the media and left wingers throwing out their favorite buzz word "racist". If one were to really and I mean really look at how many people do business with not only the Saudis, but other countries that have at least as bad, if not worse, human rights violations.

    14. LIV is just a toddler, be patient it will grow and its here to stay, cheers Greg 🤜🤛

    15. Greg Norman was a natural golfer. Now he's using this 'confidence' naturally off the golf course with LIV. ⛳🤜

    16. Peter Walker says:

      Let Liv create its own major tournaments and Liv golfers can play in them

    17. George says:

      LIV is destroying Golf as all the new 203O Agenda Crap

    18. Without the tour your nothing, the shame is on you Norman, your pirating players with money, you want your own tour , develop your own players.

    19. G R says:

      I have no issue with another tour. I gave an issue with LIV trying to buy golf by throwing stupid money around. I also think I heard that it takes up to 2 years before a tour can receive ranking points. That should be the same for Liv players as well. You get them in 2 years

    20. Keith Duff says:

      The man talks utter bullshit 😒 and norman is only looking after himself and he creates a tour for 48 players 🙄 and then moans when the other tours ban them

    21. What a great interview by Greg Norman and great journalism by Piers. And I don't normally agree with Piers but he did a great job here…..

    22. Greg Norman. The most self-centered golfer of all time.

    23. Tom Duckwall says:

      I'll take a stab here and make the argument for the PGA tour. They are not a monopoly. The DP Tour offers competitive purses to the PGA Tour. As does the Asian Tour. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for non-competitive appearances – sponsorship events for the "independent contractors" to leverage their talents and earn money. The issue Rory and others have is that the LIV Tour is a losing money entity backed by a oppressive regime with no real lineage in golf trying to sports wash their very recent human rights violations. This is a murky argument, I admit. I drive a car that is powered by fuel that possibly comes from Saudi Arabia. I do not, however, think that makes me a hypocrite. I watch PGA Tour events that are sponsored by companies with deep ties to Saudi Arabia. I DO NOT think that makes me a hypocrite. The Shark makes the argument that competition fuels growth in any industry….. So why is LIV gushing money and has no legitimate path to profit? Pouring money on any "independent contractor" willing to play their events? Why do they sound like brainwashed robots when asked questions at press conferences? The DP Tour and the PGA Tour grew organically over time. The LIV Tour comes along backed by and endless supply of money controlled by an oppressive regime who admittedly has committed heinous human rights violations and tries to flop the world of golf on it's back. I'll go with those who worked for it every time.

    24. Who actually cares what piers Morgan has got to say!

    25. Oliver Van says:

      If TW and Mcilroy are against it then it means something. TRADITION and LOYALTY

    26. Oliver Van says:

      Greg Norman, stay in your lane and make your money. Don’t be greedy and come after pgas food. . Stay away or at least in your lane

    27. #gregnorman Would LIV Golf create a women's or mixed team format?

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