Rotate to a Better Golf Swing – Golf with Michele Low

Michele Low is a Golf Coach and Golf Professional. She aims to create simple and easy-to-follow YouTube videos to help you with your golf game. This channel, Golf With Michele Low is home of Golf Coaching, Golf Tips, Golf Course Vlogs and every other thing about golf.

MicheIe Low是一名高尔夫教练。她的目标是为您提供有关高尔夫的技巧和理念。


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    39 Replies to “Rotate to a Better Golf Swing – Golf with Michele Low”

    1. Your lesson is very easy to understand‼︎ I started playing golf one year ago. I have one question. AT the beginning of downswing, why left hip move to wall side?

    2. Michelle, you are godsend! Thank you for democratizing golf to masses. I went golfing for the second time without any lessons and just watching this video. I still have a lot to learn but your video hit the nail on its head. Thank you thank you thank you! 🙏

    3. Pat Davidson says:

      My mother always told me in golf it is more the archer than the bow and arrow ! Burt

    4. She's better in explain than my instructor..

    5. Brilliant ! and very important advice focusing on the basis ! thanks !

    6. dennis bean says:

      Would you explain what you mean about rotating around your spine

    7. Moon Ahmad says:

      Michele, It was very informative thanks to see you again

    8. Thank you Michele. I am trying to learn golf at the age of 70! Just found you. Excellent instructions.

    9. L E says:

      Michele, you are amazing!!!! I always had trouble with flexibility, especially in my shoulders. For example, I could never do a handstand.

      I can´t seem to find a video with drills to help reach a good position with the left arm straight at the top and a decent backswing. It is actually painful in the shoulders to lift the left arm straight and towards the back.

      Thank you for all your amazing videos. You are an inspiration.

    10. Madan Lal says:

      Wonderful explanation and demonstration.

    11. Thank you for the instruction. You make the technique become easier to follow. Your Bow and arrow techniques help me a lot since I have a stiff hip maybe because I'm an archer. So I can relate to the technique given.

    12. I am a beginner. but after seeing your video, I feel like I know what's wrong and I can swing properly. thanks Michele

    13. You all are confusing students and golfers! You are in fact promoting TWISTING!……the hips. The term Rotation is out of context!
      And TWISTING action pull the body out of line!
      The hips is shoved lateral towards target…….NOT TWISTED ACROSS (schew) target line.
      Learn some body dynamics bru. Hips…connect to torax… connect to shoulders…..!…….arms…….hands!
      LATERAL SHIFT(SHOVE) is the name of the game!

    14. MAD golf says:

      Subscribe to mad golf

    15. Dante Diego says:

      Wow! I didn't know Michele was a great dancer too. Great moves! 🤣😂 0:48

    16. Man… I lived in Singapore for 5 years but didn't start playing golf until the last year and now I am no longer in the region. It would've been totally worth it to fly to KL for a weekend every six months and get lessons from Michele (assuming the lessons don't cost the moon). KL is a super fun city anyway and totally worth a weekend getaway. (Assuming she is based in KL. Might be harder to reach other Malaysian cities.) Just from the videos, it's easy to see that Michelle is a fantastic coach.

    17. Roel Dacayo says:

      First time to hear that bow and arrow method, it makes a lot of sense and easy to remember especially during bad golf days – i guess

    18. Erich Shuler says:

      Exactly. Rotation, not a sweep-across motion. Ultimately that shoulder rotation around a stable spine is the ultimate move. The hips accelerate the speed of that motion, but the basic motion is the most important.

    19. dennis bean says:

      The arrow method was a great tip. Thanks. You are a good teacher

    20. mala naidoo says:

      Thank you so much 🥰

    21. Helen yu says:

      Great metaphor as bow to do rotation ,thank you so much indeed.I got question here how to pull down club when downswing,thank you

    22. Thanks for very useful information about body movements.
      Satyendra kumar.
      New Delhi.

    23. Chris Barham says:

      So good! Thank you!😁

    24. G.D. Man says:

      Very good explanation and demonstration, thank you 🙏

    25. 리암 백 says:

      stop reaching.
      your swing's not completed yet.
      you might ruin alot of ppl.

    26. Michele H says:

      Michele, you golf swing is graceful simple and yet powerful. I had to replay that PERFECT swing 10x so I can study and analyze it closely. My name is also Michele and I am an Accountant/Finl Analyst so it's a given that I dissect a situation and obsessed to do it correctly. I'm at the driving range almost every day trying to get my swing back. Due to COVID, I have not touched my clubs for a while. Michele, plz consider do video focusing that BEAUTIFUL swing & replay slowly it. The problem I have is my twist and turn is good but I can't get my arm straight. It drives me crazy lol. Ur driver swing is PERFECT! I'm watching that too. Thanks so much! You are an amazing coach!

    27. DJ Rondo says:

      Some simple straight forward instructions. Watched a lot of golf instructors on YT and nearly a scratch golfer and I can tell you This girl is good !

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