We just want a clap when we hit good golf shots, that’s all. Mark Crossfield has to call to receive a clap at Celtic Manor golf resort. Venue to the 2010 Ryder Cup.


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    43 Replies to “RUDE GOLF SPECTATORS are Killing Golf”

    1. Calum Junior says:

      Need to play 2010 again..

    2. Mark Corrigan’s a decent commentator though tbf!

    3. Golf clap my friend!

    4. Smokin-Stick says:

      Brooo the cheese on that three wood!😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    5. This vid made my day ☺

    6. 👏 what course is this? It looks very familiar but I can't place it.

    7. I clapped for u bro. Nice shot!

    8. James K. says:

      Fucking Hilarious !!

    9. karl G says:

      Guy says he's 230 out looks like he's 100

    10. Mike Morgan says:

      People like you ruin youtube

    11. James Hill says:

      No one claps for me when I close a deal or get a contract signed.

    12. James Hill says:

      Your playing for the wrong reason.

    13. SiSport 🧠 says:

      Pro golfer using a 3wood ..with the shop barcode label still on the shaft 🤡

    14. Omg what a shot, but can you step back a bit so we can actually see

    15. Golf clap for you Mr. Crossfield.👏

    16. David Reid says:

      Is it okay that I watch this on more than one occasion

    17. You want a clap for a 230yd 3 wood? Nah, do it with your 4 iron next time and I'll clap for ya!

    18. You get a “nice shot” from me

    19. Charlie Odom says:

      Seriously? That shot deserves a hand!!!!

    20. 2010 at Celtic manor! Lovely 18th

    21. Slim Pickens says:

      At the driving range every time i went to swing some truck would honk their horn. Just lovely.

    22. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

    23. Ivan Rivero says:

      I clapped… my face against the phone! Good shot though! ❤️

    24. Frank Rivera says:

      Lol, they've seen better 🤣

    25. Rick Turner says:

      Some give him the CLAP.then the ointment.

    26. METHOD says:

      I wouldnt clap someone wearing that attire either 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    27. The crowds just

    28. tamoose1 says:


    29. Justin says:

      Golf really is the game for twats

    30. Rob Chisholm says:

      Me . . . writes on golf ball "clap" tees up on fairway and fires it at the clubhouse. Bows and shouts "youre welcome"

    31. Jon Kennard says:

      I'd of been hooting you. Love spreading the encouragement and whatever the sport 🤙👍💪

    32. Will says:

      This is hilarious and the shot was amazing lol

    33. It's a tough crowd down here in Newport!

    34. I was embarrassed to be an American golf fan during the Ryder cup. I don't know what is going on these days.

    35. The Harry Hill of the golf world.

    36. Mick HVAC says:


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