Rules of Golf – Ball Rolls Backwards Into Lateral Water Hazard (Red Stakes)

Informative video on the local rules at Sorrento Golf Club.


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    6 Replies to “Rules of Golf – Ball Rolls Backwards Into Lateral Water Hazard (Red Stakes)”

    1. Nigel Syer says:

      The Rules of Golf changed in January 2019. Please check out the New Rules of Golf. Also can I add that the ball was dropped outside the 2 club lengths which was marked out which is incorrect and then to play it. My god man what were you thinking.

    2. Mike Grizz says:

      What if the hazard markers are yellow … Not red

    3. Jancen says:

      What club do you use to measure the 2-club length?

    4. That guy is a terrible golfer.

    5. dave nagel says:

      If he placed his ball (after dropping twice) and then goes to get a different club or something, and comes back and the ball has rolled into the hazard again, is it a free drop or another penalty, since the ball was in play?

    6. Cowboy Yaj says:

      What if the ball last enter the water on the green side is perpendicular between the flag and the lateral water hazard, where no matter which side of the two club length you drop, it will be closer to the flag, can you drop the ball beyond the two clubs length to make it not closer to the flag?

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