Ryder Cup Captains Picks Discussion-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Tues Aug 1

Matt Adams discusses the possibilities for the US Ryder Cup team. With the Ryder Cup looming Matt goes through the current standings and discusses who should or should not be on Zach Johnson’s team.


8 Replies to “Ryder Cup Captains Picks Discussion-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Tues Aug 1”

  1. Knowbodie says:

    Good day Matt, Dom and Andrew. Will you be willing to have a 1hr zoom/Skype/online chat with me. I love this show, and believe I have experiences and a POV that will help your show succeed beyond current expectations.

  2. TIM DELANEY says:

    Good call on the LEGACY picks and the LOCKER Room. TW's was not great on the Ryder CUp teams….

  3. N. I. says:

    As far as LIV players and Ryder cup, the question is will ZJ be strong enough to argue against his vice captain Fred Couples because FC is a known LIV hater and will not consider any LIV players. He’s probably against putting Brooks on the team. I’m guessing ZJ is inline with FC thinking and will reluctantly pick Brooks only because of the backlash he would receive if he didn’t.

  4. TIM DELANEY says:

    I like Reed for Ryder Cup but his resume is too thin..no wins…Gooch I think should be on…

  5. N. I. says:

    To Matt’s point about technology figuring out how to adjust equipment to any restrictions being a good thing, why do we need that? Does the other sports make changes to enhance performance where it provides advantages or disadvantages like we’re talking about with golf? Does baseball make major changes to the bat or glove, or NBA, or NFL change the ball or equipment? Figure out a standard with golf equipment where it’s all the same and stop technology at that. True talent with all using the same equipment will emerge. Can you imagine engineers trying to make a more forgiving or aerodynamic baseball bat? I know this would be impossible because we are too far down the rabbit hole but it’s just my opinion.

  6. Anders Meyer says:

    I loved the discussion about Ryder Cup• The way you argeud each other was fun. Thanks for a great show

  7. Jhawker says:

    Matt watch LIV this next tournament… A lot has changed from the description your are professing… The thing I like about the shotgun start is every player is competing under the same conditions.. ( wind, rain, temp ect ).

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