It is a nice senior golf tip explaining the 2 keys for extra distance. Even should you aren’t a senior golfer be sure to watch this tip and keep in mind it as a result of in the future you may be.

The one factor all senior golfers need is extra distance but few ever get it. I am right here to inform you which you can get extra distance regardless of how previous you’re.

The primary downside for seniors is that they lose flexibility as they age. This lack of flexibility causes all kinds of different issues which rob you of distance. Though you lose flexibility, there is a manner round that should you give attention to these 2 keys. They’ll which put you in a greater place on the prime of the backswing permitting you to create a extra highly effective place which you’ll be able to apply to each driver and irons.

So should you’re a senior golfer do not assume you’ll be able to’t get extra distance. All you need to do is perceive these 2 keys and be sure to get them in your swing. When you do, you’ll lastly begin to see your distance improve which is able to flip again the fingers of time.

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    1. mike claytor says:

      So Paul ,I appreciate you.getting back with me and offering helpful information pertaining to my swing. I went to the range today and hit. My gap wedge and my PW. I was using only my body ,like you say.,but.anytime I had a divot my distance was less . I normally don't have a divot. But I'm trying to change my habits.

    2. bobcantputt says:

      Hi Paul. Another well explained video. I'm 71 with arthritis in my wrists, making it difficult to fully unhinge. My hinge/unhinge partially takes place within my fingers as well. You made me realize my grip was too strong. Going more neutral helped free it up a bit. Your vids and Tylenol gets me through my game.

    3. U4Eye says:

      Or Go on Keto diet and lose 50 lbs. like I did and my Golf game is 5x way better on power, rotation etc.. and I am in my late 60's

    4. Great tip Paul. Should we also seek to tilt our head slightly towards our right foot to hit through the ball and achieve the optimal apex that our senior swing can deliver…your thoughts?

    5. Love this tip. Can you consider doing a series on senior golfers. I just went on a golf trip, and I was awful. No power, bad contact, and chicken wing swing all the time. I used to have your technique down for years, playing down to a 4 handicap. I am now at a 9, and not going in the right direction. Any help for a struggling senior would be appreciated. Thanks Paul. Don

    6. Joe Dear says:

      great tip Paul, lifting the heal lengthens your swing and gives more time to unhing the wrists.

    7. Jubernack says:

      I'm not even a senior and I need these tips.

    8. Mike Baker says:

      Thanks Paul I look forward to coming back to LV for a few more helpful lessons!

    9. n sukri says:

      Thanks Paul, great infoπŸ‘

    10. Your system works at 72 have never sent the ball as straight and far thank you

    11. since i been doing this i just hit ball like 280 to 300 i said that plenty far enough to do complete turn an follow through to make me have pro looking swing now just by lifting my heel not think about my head nothing keep eye on ball an follow through.i do them drill half way over an over when i loose to bad shoot on course that really was game changer to me

    12. excellent explanation – plain & simple…thanks

    13. Paul, re: wrists hinging….is it an up & down hinge (like casting a fishing rod) in or a side-to-side hinge (like a slap)?

    14. Bill Wood says:

      67. And this one is a great tip. Left heel and hinge. Nicklaus lifted his left heel all the time.

    15. Don A says:

      Great tip Paul, I am in my 70s and two artificial hips, I found this to be a great demonstration for my improvement! Look forward to trying this on next bucket of balls at the range!

    16. Scott Fyffe says:

      Great advise Paul! I’m 63 and this has helped me tremendously!

    17. Ray Isaacs says:

      Paul, how about a tip about when Ball is below or above your feet. Also Upslope and Down Slope.

    18. OLLY GIBBS says:

      Having watched a load of your videos I felt hope but couldn't quite get my head around it all.

      This video has 100% cleared it up for me. I was using my legs but not allowing my shoulders to follow naturally so the whole movement was terrible.

      Having watched this video it all just fell into place. I move the weight and legs to allow the shoulders to follow and finally I'm not thinking about the arms. Just thinking about twisting at the hips and allowing the shoulders to follow through with a hinge at the end.
      You make it so easy to follow, thank you very much!

    19. Its so counterintuitive! The ball goes straight, far and with no strain. Once you practice it enough you know when you added muscle because the ball goes shorter!

    20. Yes you are right! I lifted heel and kept wrists loose and hit some drives 50 yds past my normal swing!

    21. Paul Morris says:

      Paul how about moving your back foot back a couple of inches to get a full turn?

    22. Graham Smith says:

      hey Paul great vid as usual! Thanks! Do you have a piece on taking the club back to much on the inside on the way back? As a senior i am finding it difficult to get out this habit?

    23. So weird…I have learned about hinging the wrist to get a whip lash effect of releasing the club head into the ball, but I have never had the follow up to re-hinge, as you have put it….it is just as important to be allowing your wrists to hinge on the top of the backswing, as it is to allow your wrists to break as it goes through the ball….I gotta try that….great lesson.

    24. Tony S says:

      Hey mate not wanting to appear critical…. I've seen heaps of your videos and love them but I've noticed your right hand side shoulder is normally a lot lower than your left even while talking to the camera … is that just you or is it necessary to make a good swing.

    25. K says:

      Question, when you make the turn to 90 degrees are going to lose sight of the ball? I seem to but as soon as I start my trim I see I t again. 😊

    26. outstanding Paul, thanks

    27. The Gefster says:

      I notice with hip pain in the rear leg/waist it is better to take a shorter swing or lift the heel more to take the pressure off. Will that hurt your game too much if you lift more than 3 inches and do everything else correctly. Lots of folks have shorter swings and seem to hit/score great.

    28. Since I have been having loose wrists, my striking of the ball is much better. My swing is much more consistent and the ball goes much farther. Thanks Paul.

    29. harshad mody says:

      Paul you said loose wrists. What exactly you mean. Any video I can see just for loose wrists.

    30. I had in my mind i couldnt grip the club tight enough so it would not slip an turn in my hands an would make my wrist get to stiff but that not happen at all it was just in my mind..If i break my elbows the ball goes all over the course..i couldnt get the 90 degree at the top without lifting my left heel an not breaking the elbow…i got health problems i am limited what i can do cause of it

    31. I am not a senior. I am hitting my drive much straighter now but still 230-235. Not getting anymore distance why

    32. At 68, playing my best golf with these lessons.

    33. Great advise Paul. I will put it into action after lockdown V2.

    34. Kenny May says:

      thanks paul.good ,timely if l can only get you to move next door to me…

    35. gargy2002 says:

      Hi Paul, I think I finally understand what you mean by loose wrists. My swing was more or less at the same speed(or slowing after impact) but since I started using the armband while practising I can feel(and hear) the acceleration(whipping action) lately. I thought I had loose wrists months ago but it looks like I had no idea what it really meant. It seems that the chicken wing drill helped me to strengthen my weak bottom hand.:) Keep it up Paul!!

    36. Thanks Paul, as a senior golfer I found this overview very useful. One point for clarification – I've lost some flexibility in my neck and find that the major restriction I encounter is watching the ball. If I don't bother keeping my eye on the ball continously in the backswing I can get pretty good turn in the backswing. Any comment on the need to watch the ball throughout the backswing?

    37. peter saika says:

      I was fighting my lead heel, I let it do its thing and what a difference. Thanks Paul.

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