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    4 Replies to “Setup the perfect distance to the golf ball!”

    1. David Ott says:

      Also do you know anywhere I could buy a 7, 8 or 9 iron left handed club ? I can't find a set that's like a hundred bucks nor can I even just find one that isn't 100 or more. It sucks so bad cause I use my 8 year old nieces 9 iron and can hit it really good but then I rent clubs and they're super super old and even the putter is completely metal. But I'm constantly topping it and can't hit the ball right at all. Then ppl on the course are laughing at me or yelling at me to get off the course. I've only played five times and my close game is so good. I can plop the ball up so good and with no roll or some roll and pretty accurate. But can't hit the ball far . Maybe 70 yards 90 yards but goes off to the left a bit. I've only played five times and I feel like I'm learning so freaking fast. I've played five 9 hole rounds and practiced in a field with my nieces club for two hours then one half hour driving range but used super old very rusted clubs cause my brother in law wouldn't let me use hers for whatever reason.. I've did all that within say two months. Alot of times I'll only putt once or twice. also I never do long putts. I'll give it a little chip with the 9 iron or this "A" club and I'll get really close or almost make it then only need one or two putts which I assume is an approach wedge but I've never heard anyone talk about an "A" club. But it'll take me like five or more hits just to get to the green but my close game is so good. It doesn't make sense to me.

    2. David Ott says:

      Also how does the bottom of the club face look on the ground? Do you have it completely flat? Or like have the toe kinda upwards?

    3. David Ott says:

      Why does alot of golfers leave their club at the side of the ball like that then they move it behind the ball before hitting it but they don't move their stance. Kinda like they stretch out more. It's confusing to me.

    4. 민정희 says:

      이래저래 다이어트 실패했는데ㅜ
      해인감비환을 알게됐는데
      최단기간에 8kg정도 감량했네요/.!

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