Shoe Fitting 101: 3 Things to Consider When Fitting Shoes

In Shoe Fitting 101 we’re looking at 3 things to consider when fitting shoes. Heel fit, toe room, as well as length. Wondering why you experience ingrown nails, callousing, hammer toes or Morton’s neuroma? In many cases a poor footwear fit is to blame. Keep this in mind when purchasing a pair of shoes.

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Video Content:
✓ How to ensure your shoe is fitting well at the heel
✓ How to check that you have the proper amount of space in the toe box of the footwear
✓ How to be sure your toes aren’t getting crushed

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20 Replies to “Shoe Fitting 101: 3 Things to Consider When Fitting Shoes”

  1. S K says:

    This year all my new shoes in my "right" size, are suddenly too big and mostly too wide! Can't figure out why.

  2. OnlyFacts says:

    Would someone be able to fit in a shoe a half size down , if there's a finger space in the toe of their regular size?

  3. very helpful ! thank you for posting😊

  4. Satya says:

    Thank you for the explanation. The "extra finger" at the front helped me realize that a pair of shoes I just got are the right size, when I was questioning before if they were too big.

  5. @Stewedelf says:

    I’ve been driving myself crazy because when I measure my width, all the charts say 4E but when I get 4Es, sometimes it feels too big but then my feet still hang over the sides and my big toe sometimes rubs on the shoe. But then I get a 2E and then my foot seems to hang over less and feels more secure. Not sure what to go with since I keep reading all these things about injuries from compressing your toes too much. Lol

  6. Christina RS says:

    Im a little confused about how to fit a longer second toe. I have wide feet too, and fitting to my longest toe generally feels way too long since its not as strong as Biggie.

  7. E A says:

    The right shoe is cutting into the arch of my foot . What's with that.

  8. m d says:

    Issues with heel rubbing,, any preventive ways to stop the heel from being chaffed

  9. I bought a nice branded slip on shoe. My size is 10, but when I ordered it my toes had no room to wiggle around and it felt restricted. Within 2 minutes of walking around I realized that this shoe is not for me. Returned the product. Though it was on sale and they didn't have one size bigger. I still had to return it. No doubt about that

  10. Should by big toe touch a front end of shoe or just a little bit space is okay?

  11. I'm a 13 normally and i have about 3/4" when standing in front at big toe and when i crotch down im very close.. but if i go down to a 12 its too close and a 12.5 feels just a tad too close when really bending the toe.. I never know what size to get lol

  12. Oh we're do I buy them from?

  13. DDFox says:

    Should shoes I want to run or move fast in have an extra finger of space?

  14. Raul C says:

    To me it looked like the 2nd shoe fit you better then the first.. the 2nd shoe was a different material as well which made it grippy. It just had more volume on the top but width size it was perfect for you. your foot wasn't hanging on the outside compared to the brooks. I'm going to try and guess that the first shoe was the brooks ghost? You should've got all 3 ghost sizes and compared regular width 2E and 4E the ghost comes in those wide sizes. The problem I'm seeing with shoe makers is that they make 2E and 4E when 2E doesn't really make a difference they should skip 2E and make 3E which I think would be perfect balance since most 2E shoes are not wide enough and most 4e shoes are just too wide 3E really needs to be incorporated.

  15. BEACE says:

    i bought some boots and there is 2cm from the front to my big toe, is this too big

  16. Bantai says:

    Is it necessary that toe must end up where mesh ends and rubber starts at the top?

  17. I bought shoes online and sent them back to get a half size down…now I wonder that I should have kept them…eh, I can always exchange them again ☺

    Thank you for explaining the fitting process. I've another pair of new kicks that I may add an insole to to absorb the tiniest amount of extra volume in the shoe depth.

  18. I need someone like you to fit my shoes. My local shoe salesman is useless.

  19. George C says:

    Very helpful thanks!

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