Brief recreation golf suggestions with Mark Crossfield and Dan asking golfers to get inventive and begin sharpening that quick recreation. bettering your Brief recreation can have large results in your scores and aid you play higher golf. Ensuring you might be practising inventive quick recreation pictures and studying to make use of completely different golf equipment with completely different ball flights to get your golf ball stopping or operating when it’s good to may aid you rise up and down extra typically. Discover ways to rise up and down on the golf course with these golf fundamentals from Mark and Dan. Fundamental and useable quick recreation fundamentals for newbie golfers to membership golfers wanting to enhance your scores.

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    1. would love the 30-70 yard in variations, high, low, chip, pitch, spin, run, etc.

    2. You are talking too much. Just show us how to do, so that we can go out to practise.

    3. A shot i feel is really hard is in the grass, downslope, on the side of greenside bunker. Love to hear your thoughts about this kind of shot. Thanks for great material! Magnus from Sweden

    4. Mark that was a great tip. I open my gap wedge like your 46 and I'm glad to see that its okay to add bounce. you and Dan made the lob wedge easy vs a big flop…thank you

    5. Great channel Mark
      Just stumbled upon it recently
      Love your content and your articulation

    6. Jon Walsh says:

      Great series Mark! Would love a short game video with Dan based around lag putting and drills to you both have used to improve

    7. Jim Lucey says:

      Imagine, then practice, reimagine, then practice again. Great tips Mark and Dam. That's why I follow you guys.

    8. Chris Wright says:

      Saw an Andy Sullivan video the other day where he explains his technique for plugged lies in bunkers. Basically just jams the club in hard behind the ball and leaves the club head in the sand. Would be interested to hear your take on that…..

    9. paul Maine says:

      Great stuff, chaps. What about hitting off the carpet from the front room of the bar in the clubrooms through the hole in the window you created when you bladed the ball through the 18th green?

    10. Harry Byrne says:

      The 50-100 yard bunker shot

    11. Video of your new center shaft putter…
      Review or update WITB

    12. Ian Long says:

      Hi Mark. There is a par 3 on my local course with at 180ish yards, a narrow green and the hole is sloping a lot right to left. Trees to the right and behind so the miss is left and below the hole or short. If you miss left and below the hole your next shot is very hard as the green is only about 8 or 9 yards wide. How would you play this hole/ 2nd shot please 😀🏌️

    13. wackozacko4 says:

      Could you show the same first shot as a bare lie please

    14. Mark, great video! I struggle with hitting a punch cut. Every time I seem to hit a recovery where I have to keep it low, I always seem to draw it and miss left. Would love to see how you guys hit your low trajectory punch shots. Cheers, bruh!

    15. Great series. Enough said.

    16. knackers says:

      60-70m approach shots, what to do. Limited practice time. Usually I open up a 52 cut across it 3/4 swing and it gets there, come undone in the rough because of the grass I know I should hit harder but always do the same and it comes up short because of grass slowing club at impact. Should I go up a club off the tee/2nd shot and layup so I never get into that range or is there anything you can do other than practicing to get that feel and again no free time to practice as much as I could. .

    17. Matty H says:

      Please can we have an ask dan or a good old compare of the jpx 919 tour and mizuno mp 18? Thanks mark.

    18. Love this video, makes me want to get down to the practice area and try a few things out. I really struggle with up hill lies from about 100+ yards out, i hit the ground way before the ball and just chunk it 50 yards, I know you’ve done these videos before but any tips would be appreciated, thanks bruh

    19. Atis says:

      Ray, are you watching?

    20. I would quite like to see a lunch time fix for chip and runs how using 7,8,9 irons and how it differs for landing points 👍🏻

    21. Love this 🙂 thanks bruhs

    22. William Held says:

      This is not related to chipping as much. I would like you and Dan to play a round of golf with “power bats”. The strong lofted game improvement irons. Talks us threw what you are thinking and how you are playing the shots differently compared to your gamers.

    23. I absolutely love these vids mark, you do such a good job of instructing in the realm of reality which is what golfers need, how to play within your ability, keep it up mark, you are what golfers need

    24. Could you guys also explain how you determine lies to what club and shot you are going play to give you the best results from 60 yards in.

    25. I’m a 5 handicap and I always get told i set up wrong on wedge shots from 60 and in. Can you guys show why your set up looks like. Maybe from the rough and fairway. Thanks love the videos, watch everyone.

    26. Joe Wilkes says:

      Excellent guys this content is good and vital for lowering scores , way too much is centered around blasting drivers for distance , without hitting off the fairways on your second shots your already throwing away strokes , get it on the fairway for your second or approach shots , practice chipping and pitching until you are sick of it , this takes the pressure off your putts having to be from 20 ft hopefully down to makeable 3- 6 footers and you will see the results quickly in your scorecards . One thing that has come up lately is people using one club around the greens chipping pitching, most amatures are not skilled enough to regulate loft , lie and run accurately enough , the pros spend all day practicing these shots , Dan spoke about this a while back with mark getting his students to try different clubs around the greens , more consistent for carry and roll out ( predictable ) . Trying to guess feel distance of carry is a sure way to make bogeys unless you practice regularly with some form of distance carry method for your swing , like the Dave pelz method of pitching , and I’m sure most pro coaches recommend this type of distance control ,swing by a clock face method for distance . Thanks again guys another golden tips vlog .👍🏻

    27. Michael M says:

      I feel like I have the imagination when it comes to these shots, I can visualise pretty well, execution on the other hand is poor.

    28. Coby Hughes says:

      I'm terrible at chipping and pitching. Truly awful. And this year I decided to use only my 58° for every shot around the green. My logic is reducing the number of variables will improve consistency.

    29. Long putts, 60ft and longer range, never really figured out a process, get a line and a rough feel for distance but it always feels like a hit and hope

    30. James Reilly says:

      Nearsided thin downhill lie with fast green sloping away…GO!

    31. Rob Biles says:

      You did my nightmare with the 3rd one in this. How about the long bunker shot to the green. Don't have any of these on my home course so when I play elsewhere they get me twitchy.

    32. Jay Walk444 says:

      Tight lie (or even hard bare lie) when you ideally need to flop over a bunker with no green to work with. Do you flop? How do you avoid thining it? Or chip and take a long putt? Similar to the first one you showed in this video, but its the bare lie i struggle with and you had a nice lie in this video

    33. Andy Wood says:

      Great video guys. Love to see some 20-70 yards pitches. This is my horror area. I'm ok with the chip n run putting style and ok from 70yrds + with my 58 degree. It's the in between I'm struggling with. Cheers Andy

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