Taking pictures, discussing, and evaluating my new SIG P320 XTEN, which might be a 10mm!
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    35 Replies to “SIG P320 XTEN”

    1. Gas Axe says:

      I bet this man could play 🎵🎶🎶🎵 in his backyard range. Christmas carols maybe in December.

    2. Eric Evans says:

      I could not for the life of me figure out why my M&P was shooting low! Since it's the 1st pistol I've had with suppressor height sights it didn't even cross my mind that it would make me hit low.

    3. L Daniel says:

      My gun store connection said to wait for awhile to get one. In other words, don't be a beta tester.

    4. I agree with you about the trend of putting red dot optics on handguns. I don’t like it either. Trendies ruin everything lol. This is an awesome gun, and I really enjoy shooting it.

    5. 10mm up!
      Seriously Though, I really enjoy shooting the P320 XTen. SIG Sauer did an amazing job on this gun and it really handles the recoil of the 10mm well.

    6. You shoot them 10s like they're BB guns. And you shoot well too!!

    7. That’s the first gun that looks big in his hands. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that up until now.

    8. GEORGE CRUZ says:

      Id sure wish they had this in CA compliant model.

    9. Ethan Brad says:

      That old man grip ain’t no joke 😂👍🏽👍🏽

    10. My country doesn't have a firearms culture and it was never built on that culture. America on the other hand is built on the Second Amendment.
      I say a person as sound of mind and mature as hicock45 deserves to own firearms. It's the one's who don't respect the power of the firearm but can still buy it is who I am worried about.

    11. Malya Bomon says:

      Help me remember the name of the weapon, please.
      It seems that it was a shotgun, which has either 3 or 4 barrels. Barrels are rotated manually. When you make all the shots from one barrel, you do not need to reload, you just simply turn the next barrel and shoot from it. It's a modern weapon.

    12. 😂 Was shooting my Ruger 380 yesterday, had some NORMA MHP 85grain loaded in my gun, about the 3rd or 4th round that blew my extractor off my slide, lol they should be rated +P. Lucky for me it was an easy fix.

    13. David Boan says:

      @Hickok45 could u please review the rugerp89 or any of the p series

    14. Strum Bum says:

      It’s pretty awesome to watch a man shoot a 10mm semi-auto handgun like it was a .22 lr… 👍✌️

    15. JesmanGT says:

      I have the xten with the romeo2 red dot on it and I love both! Mr. Hickok shows just how much fun this pistol is to shoot

    16. SigScorpion says:

      Hard to find 10mm ammo?

    17. Got your eye in there, lightning fast on the christmas tree, your Son must be very proud filming you

    18. Leon Huff says:

      why do you constantly mention Glock pistols in your videos if I wanted to hear about Glock I would watch one of your videos on Glock pistols.

    19. Jared White says:

      Had one, ended up trading it. Was just to dam heavy

    20. This is my handgun wishlist #1 pick. It will be mine…..oh yes….it will be mine!

    21. Irman says:

      Your a happy old man sir..

    22. 993isgawd says:

      I'm now kind of sorry that I passed on the XTen when they were available in our state. The timing was just bad with the 10 rd mag limits about to go into place in my state and I knew that additional 15 rd magazines were near impossible to source anyplace. So I passed, and now I kind of regret that choice. Felt great in-hand to me, and the noticeable heaviness over my G20 didn't bug me. As a woods gun I'd likely carry it in a chest rig like I do my G20 and my GP100 before that. Balanced in the middle of my torso instead of off to one side when worn on the hip, The price wss also a factor, the dealer was selling the gun at the time for almost $1k. That's almost $400 over whet I paid on the Glock!

      So I guess I'll have to struggle on with my G20. Thanks to my 10mm Banshee I've actually got some 25 rounders from SGM that will run in the ol' Glock.

    23. Everyone else looking at the gun.

      Me focusing how white his arms are

    24. Brian Davis says:

      i have a p365XL, i want to get the p320 next. it felt very comfortable to hold

    25. Every time I see you use that speed loader I tell myself: I need to get one of those… And then I find myself at the range thumbing rounds into the mags lol

    26. Soravia says:

      10mm shines best with +P+ loads packing 15+1 rounds. At 750 ft-lb per round, it will let you maximize firepower over others of similar sizes.

    27. Soravia says:

      Only difference between 9mm/40SW/357SIG vs 45ACP/10mm is slide catch release for wider mag follower, and mag safety take down made for bigger mag fitting longer rounds.

    28. Did Sig finally manage to fix the 320 so you don't shoot yourself?

    29. Soravia says:

      Support Buds Gunshop. Gun ban ppl are suing them for a drag queen mazz shooter from the parade. Fight back

    30. Soravia says:

      I measure thumbnail to middle finger joint, XTen has same grip size as 9mm counterparts of similar model.

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