Simon Lizotte Highlights | MVP Open at Maple Hill

Had a child, bought married AND simply gained his 4th Elite Collection win at his new dwelling course at Maple Hill. What a season for Simon Lizotte!

Take a look at his highlights from his successful efficiency at the MVP Open at Maple Hill!

Assertion on Transgender Athletes & Neighborhood Pointers

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    29 Replies to “Simon Lizotte Highlights | MVP Open at Maple Hill”

    1. He’s always been my favorite player but now that he’s winning I’m gonna tell people!!

    2. Cole Martin says:

      Can’t even comment on the other mpo champion highlight video so I have to comment on this one. 2022 problems.

    3. Footfault on 18. Moved the disc with his foot prior to release.

    4. Sa says:

      Why are comments on Natalie Ryan's video turned off?

    5. Joshua says:


    6. Kit Palencar says:

      DGPT silencing viewers since 2022.

    7. The clarity of the camera footage on DGN is not the greatest… I couldn't see Simon's drive on Hole 13 as it was clear as daylight on Gatekeeper coverage! Step it up, especially if DGN is a subscription service!!!

    8. Awesome job Simon. Did you, by any chance, see my new sky god I lost there last month? I bought another one on the way out, but I want my green one.

    9. C.A.D. says:

      When he throws on 17 and goes "oh let's go, that's sooo good"

      That. that's the thing Disc golf needs. He's so wholesome in his happiness that it went perfect. Just like we all are when we hit one perfect. Love it

    10. Chris S. says:

      Come on dgpt, why didn't you show the highlights from his course record round 2?!? Congrats to simon but dgpt under delivers yet again

    11. Nova says:

      How did he get that hard turn at the end of his approach to hole 12 at 2:43?

    12. Jake Hebert says:

      Now THAT'S a trophy

    13. Yeah buddy. What a fantastic sport there at the end. Saying sorry first to Cory before celebrating his own victory.

    14. jeremy barr says:

      Why aren't the comments turned,off here like your fpo video? Smh. Nobody wants to hear the truth anymore. They wanna live in their own little fantasy land where men can be women, women can be,men and everything's jist sunshine and roses because that's what they want. This channel lost my sub for the pandering to delusion. I jist wish the vast majority of women in the fpo could speak their true feelings without being '"cancelled". Such a sad state we are witnessing. Two guys winning this weekend. Smh.

    15. David Beadle says:

      The Year of Lizotte 🙌

    16. Tough Guy says:

      Weird, I just went over to leave a comment on Natalie Ryan’s highlight video and was unable to! Imagine my shock the comments were TURNED OFF!?! Seems pretty sexist to me, Natalie has the tournament of his life and can’t get the props from the peeps. Furthermore, dude only has 41 thumbs up! Must be a bunch of racist, bigot, homophobes like literally Hitler out there!

      This is muh current year, men can have babies people, get with it! Simon’s just lucky s(he is playing against the women otherwise Natalie would’ve dominated those guys just like she always used to. Delete my comment in 3…2…1….. Isn’t freedom great?

    17. Huffman232 says:

      The people’s CHAMP

    18. John Edward says:

      Why are comments allowed on this video and not the fpo winners highlight video?

    19. careful with the audio…

    20. Jason MacKay says:

      Anyone else catch Simon’s foot fault on hole 18?

    21. The man the myth the legendary SIMON LIZOTTE

    22. How is it possible Simon is not #1 in DG ranking? Won 4 DGPT tournaments and is #5?

    23. Simons such a great guy! What an amazing way to end the tournament!! Love seeing him up on the podium 🎉

    24. William Lee says:

      Comments are disabled on Natalie Ryan's highlights video. I wonder why?

    25. Joel Marble says:

      the humble champion. champion of the people

    26. Y did they turn comments off for the natalie Ryan highlights video?

    27. Dgpt only allows comments on simons highlights. I don’t understand? Nice win Simon.

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