Simplify Your Short Game – Using Loft to Create Draw Spin

An additional video this in our Sequence on Simplify Your Short Game. As we speak, Using Loft to Create Draw Spin.
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So for those who like our golf classes and you’re looking to enhance your golf let me introduce you to a few of our educating aids.

Explanar Your Shortcut to an ideal swing.

The Key Placing Talent is the power to roll the golf ball

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    2 Replies to “Simplify Your Short Game – Using Loft to Create Draw Spin”

    1. What is the feeling of the turning over of the club to generate the draw spin, specifically through the hands and wrists. I have been trying to swing with a neutral path and just open and close the face to create a draw or fade and alight 2x the amount. I struggle with controlling my face in general and im not sure why. I suspect its not quite knowing if im supposed to roll the wrists and unhinge or lead arm flexion and push with the right. I have been experementing alot and learned that the roll and unginge seems to work better with my driver and i go the other way for everything else. Thanks!

    2. Wow, been golfing for years and im a lil surprised i didn't figure this out myself. Thanks for the instruction!

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