Sir Nick Faldo's 3 MUST DO'S With Your Irons | ME AND MY GOLF

3 MUST DO’S With Your Irons – In this weeks video Me and My Golf have a special guest in 6 time major champion Sir Nick Faldo! In this video Sir Nick Faldo will be sharing with us his secrets on what made him such a great ball striker and what amateurs can do to improve their ball striking!

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    22 Replies to “Sir Nick Faldo's 3 MUST DO'S With Your Irons | ME AND MY GOLF”

    1. Will Fraser says:

      Absolute Legend. Could listen to him all day!

    2. Great stuff..SUBSCRIBED!

    3. The man that made me want to play golf 30 years back. Always been my favourite golfer and a top fella. Class Sir Nick πŸ‘

    4. Sean Hammon says:

      So many muddle through their explanations… making it up as they bumble along. Not Sir Nick. Crisp. Concise. Succinct. Eloquent. … Legend. Thanks.

    5. He makes good contact even when just flipping around demonstrating his technique.

    6. Joe Pa says:

      So much useful, and usable info in such a short video.

    7. That has to be the ultimate 3 things for amateurs that doesn't talk down to the audience.

    8. Olly Shaw says:

      This is gold! 10 mins of tips from Faldo is like a PhD in golfology!

    9. Fair point, unless you have the same athletic ability and geometry in your body you will not get the same results.

    10. gcoffey223 says:

      Met him once briefly, genuine, polite, and humble.

    11. Mario says:

      This is pure gold for a low handicap. Thanks for sharing.

    12. boshane123 says:

      Hogan said if you hit the ball straight you've mishit it!

    13. could listen to him all day long, great tips all of us should use

    14. Chase Parish says:

      Thank you Sir Nick.

    15. What a great video. So many good tips to work on the range.

    16. Aiming is my biggest problem

    17. Boar Hog says:

      Why do they call Nick Sir Nick? The English really need to lose this arrogant tradition as all the lesser are simply made out to be peasants

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