SkyTrak VS. GC Quad // Launch Monitor Comparison

With house launch monitor methods gaining recognition in latest occasions, we have obtained many requests to assessment the SkyTrak launch monitor and see how correct it’s in comparison with the Foresight GC Quad we use within the studio.

0:00 // Intro
2:38 // SkyTrak Check
9:12 // GC Quad Comparison
14:44 // Common Pace Check
16:19 // Outcomes & Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Expertise Golf
Customized Golf Membership Becoming Studio – Toronto, Canada


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    46 Replies to “SkyTrak VS. GC Quad // Launch Monitor Comparison”

    1. pcdraker says:

      I have been using my SkyTrak a lot more now, for long drive. Seems to be working great for higher ball speeds. I do put logo towards unit and tee up 1" behind laser dot. I am now rolling to the back of the range at 350 yards, carrying 320+. My best BS is 184mph and CS 126mph. Still working to get faster. I'm 57 and should not be hitting this far! Maybe looking for Senior long drive tournaments. Metal protector cage was not working for me, too many mis-reads. Works fine without it, although. Will try to post some videos soon.

    2. Neil Campion says:

      Great video. I’d love for you to get your hands on the new GC3 and see where this fits in. Keep up the great work!

    3. BENRARD10 says:

      How bout a garmin approach r10 review?

    4. Nigel Bowley says:

      Guys SkyTrak needs to be level with the surface/ same height as the matt. Try again

    5. I have had SkyTrak about 3.5 years now and it has gotten better at not going crazy when I swing hard (high 80's low 90's) and my ball doesn't curve like Matt's did, HOWEVER, spin #'s and distance do get "squirrely" when I go harder at it. That said, just about to spring for the new GC3!! 😀

    6. does the large screen come with the package.

    7. Are you going to retest since the release of spin decay on the SkyTrak?

    8. David Petryk says:

      can you do a video with a flightscope mevo+ and or the new gc3. Thanks for the great video

    9. cant do an accurate test that way sorry.

    10. Hey guys, love your work. Wondering if you can get your hands on a mevo+ and conduct a similar test? Thanks

    11. 3dhavok says:

      Garmin comparison?

    12. Steve Bird says:

      This is stupid. Should of ran both systems at the same time. You can't measure separate hits and then compare 🤦‍♂️

    13. JC Streck says:

      Thanks guys, this was great. But for the average golfer there are multiple launch monitors that you should really look in to for testing. Sky track (obviously), Mevo+, GC2, etc. The more mid-range priced monitors. Then perhaps do the sub $500 test – Mevo, Rapsodo, SC300i, etc. That’s really where we weekend hackers are most likely to be, especially for practice at the range. Thanks.

    14. Deanoz Prodz says:

      Update: new iPad, still doesn’t work:


    15. Kedar says:

      See if you'll can get your hands on the new Garmin R10. Compare it to Skytrak and Mevo plus.

    16. tabercc says:

      Will you do a similar comparison with the mevo plus?

    17. I have the SC300 caddie, if you have not reviewed it yet. I would be willing send it and had it reviewed.

    18. D says:

      The base of the skytrak needs to be level with the hitting surface. mrshortgame did a video comparing it to a trackman and the numbers are very close as he has it set up properly.

    19. 727sky says:

      I was looking on Alibaba and they have a Chinese clone of the GcQuad for $400.. Being a Chinese clone with cheap cameras (no doubt) I wonder how accurate or even if it would work for over a week ?? But still !!

    20. Curious if the skytrak can be tweaked to get better results. I assume there are settings that can calibrate more specifically.

    21. Brian Wood says:

      Up to what driver club head speed would skytrak be accurate?

    22. DrumminDag92 says:

      why did you not test the shots side by side instead of doing sky track and then gc?

    23. Ewan Pumford says:

      The Skytrak isn't set up correctly guys. Needs to be flush with the mat; also doesn't look like you're pointing a logo or line on the ball towards the unit, having a line on the ball pointing to the unit helps pick up spin numbers more accurately. Also, with your swing speed, have the ball an inch or two behind the dot with the driver.

    24. Great vid!!! Please review the mevo plus vs the quad. Thank you for the good work.

    25. jergernice1 says:

      i had a skytrak next to a trackman. skytrack was more accurate especially for driver…but its a game in itself to get the shots to read. we had an indoor league using gc2s same issues. some guys couldnt even chip. we had a short ball to screen though like 8 feet… random comments

    26. G. Hajjo says:

      Cost aside graphics and user interface sucks on the Foresight, the Skytrack is much better. Data is very good on the GC2 and Quad though. Also, too many excuses from Foresight on graphics and other issues. Once they improve this it will be a much better solution.

    27. I'm wondering how it stacks up to the ernest tour. I'm a little faster than Matt but I don't have the budget for gc2 or quad

    28. Ugh it sucks can't get a decent launch monitor for a few months. Kinda weird to not be able to give someone 2-4k

    29. Steve Vinck says:

      poor setup of the skytrak indeed . Numbers here with my unit are spot on with outside numbers (hcp 10) . I had to draw some lines on the balls to prevent misreads though .

    30. Pulled the trigger on a skytrak 6 months ago and I'm very happy with it.

    31. Shaun G says:

      Hi guys. Love the video. I am wondering if you used the Taylormade Pix golf balls if it would pick up the spin rate better???

    32. Henri xo says:

      Great vid! Lately I have been wondering why my ball flight is so odd with skytrak compared to more premium simulators and this test gave me the perfect answer!

    33. Tom Folino says:

      Here is what confuses me greatly (regarding my skytrak), I have very similar numbers to you (110 carry 54 degree SW, 180 7i, 285 driver)….im okay on the skytrak through about the 6 iron…..then the accuracy drops WAY off. I cant carry a driver on skytrak past 240 yards. Anyone else seeing this with the faster clubs?

    34. PLOT TWIST- the GC QUAD is wrong lmao

    35. Toby Barker says:

      could you not have tested with both devices at once? better test, surely

    36. Kenny Brady says:

      What about the gc quad 2 us 4

    37. Kenny Brady says:

      Been looking for this companion. Guess I'll have to wait awhile longer to plan for a 20 k purchase instead of 2k

    38. Lucas Teel says:

      Mevo+ comparison please! I have one, getting ready to setup a garage sim. So far the Mevo+ is pretty accurate outdoors but haven’t use the “stickers” yet, which I think will help with spin numbers. They’re not terrible but a little high, especially apparent on longer shots.

    39. Paul Kelly says:

      Have you tested this outdoors? If so how did it perform for accuracy and consistency? Thanks so much.

    40. You guys should demo the exputt ex300d putting simulator

    41. R.C. P says:

      The Skytrak isn't TXG material. I'll gladly buy that Skytrak off you guys!!

    42. Great video. Thanks for the insight!

    43. David Adamo says:

      On Skytrak you need to set the altitude to your local altitude in settings screen.

    44. I have recently heard over and over again that Skytrak doesn't work well for high swing speeds. I trace it back to this review. I know that the testing was thorough, but still something not right. After the high ball speed fix was released this year, it handles high ball speeds just fine, so unfortunate that this meme is back. Some other reviews (by no means perfect, but look at how close spin is for many shots):

    45. Cody Tardif says:

      Request: GCQuad vs. Mevo, SC200/300, Rapsodo, G80, and PRGR. Would be great to see how accurate the Sub-$500 category of launch monitors work for the Average Joe hitting into a net in the back yard or at the range, dialing in yardages with each club and hitting those half swing wedges.

    46. Greg Johnson says:

      Can you do the Mevo+ please

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