SLIGHTER GOLF-CNC-Roughing out the putter

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This is the first step in making a custom Slighter Golf putter. This step is called roughing out the putter. We take a single solid block of steel and place it in the CNC machine at it’s exact specifications and design; the CNC will then cut out the putter with precision.


5 Replies to “SLIGHTER GOLF-CNC-Roughing out the putter”

  1. Tyler Jones says:

    Higher feed rate less doc higher rpm and rip it man…Haas mini has so much more potential.

  2. Bryan Zapata says:

    what type of steel was used?

  3. John Smith says:

    is this a 3 axis mill used?

  4. KevnO says:

    I actually like the music. Who is it?

  5. the music is very… interesting…

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