[Slow HD] LEE Sung-Woon 2012 Iron with Practice Golf Swing_Driving Range_KLPGA Tour (3)

Born in 1989. average driving distance 276Y (KLPGA Rank 1)

LIG Classic, Aug 31~Sep 2, 2012, ILDONG LAKES GC, Korea
Recorded and edited by me (bauerctu@gmail.com or arkist@naver.com)


17 Replies to “[Slow HD] LEE Sung-Woon 2012 Iron with Practice Golf Swing_Driving Range_KLPGA Tour (3)”

  1. CSI says:

    완전 스윙 교본이네요…남자는 배상문, 여자는 이시온…

  2. 토리 says:


  3. W S says:

    it's touching……. !!!

  4. DH LEE says:

    이시대  최고의 스윙

  5. MCYSSSKY says:

    스윙 최고 십니다 굿ㅎㅎㅎ

  6. Tv S says:

    Watch her hips completely stop as she hits the ball, then start again after impact.

  7. Right knee action is brilliant , amongst the best in golf, really drives the power , opens the hips. I have two daughters who are just starting to play and I show them how to swing correctly as per the above.

  8. Arfdog says:

    Why does it sound like she's hitting a tennis ball

  9. tigerbalm says:

    i has a speed stick….

  10. x sauceda says:

    swing, ass , booobs! ass , swing, ass, boobs, golf, boobs, cute, swing….  so hard to concentrate

  11. AFJA CHANNEL says:

    Good prectis and swing.

  12. What is name of tool she practiced?
    I would like to practice with same tool^^.

  13. Paul EJ says:

    That is a VERY nice swing
    Lovely balance and tempo
    Her transition move is quite pronounced with a down and inside hand/ arm set
    Without knowing if she was trying to hit a draw, she did drop inside the a bit more than than needed
    That's why the ball started right. She cramped her right arm release a little as a result too.
    But I tell you what other than that exaggerated set in transition…that's a brilliant swing to take to the next step

  14. Tj Park says:

    스윙의 교본..

  15. never mind her swing, look at them boobs!

  16. never mind her legs or her ass, look at that swing!!

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