Slow Play Penalty – Golf Rules Explained

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Prompt Pace of Play
A round of golf is meant to be played at a prompt pace.
Each player should recognize that their pace of play is likely to affect how long it will take other players to play their rounds, including both those in the player’s own group and those in following groups.
Players are encouraged to allow faster groups to play through.
(1) Pace of Play Recommendations. The player should play at a prompt pace throughout the round, including the time taken to:
Prepare for and make each stroke,
Move from one place to another between strokes, and
Move to the next teeing area after completing a hole.
A player should prepare in advance for the next stroke and be ready to play when it is their turn.
When it is the player’s turn to play:
It is recommended that the player make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds after they are (or should be) able to play without interference or distraction, and
The player should usually be able to play more quickly than that and is encouraged to do so.
(2) Playing Out of Turn to Help Pace of Play. Depending on the form of play, there are times when players may play out of turn to help the pace of play:
In match play, the players may agree that one of them will play out of turn to save time (see Rule 6.4a Exception).
In stroke play, players may play “ready golf” in a safe and responsible way (see Rule 6.4b(2)).
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5 Replies to “Slow Play Penalty – Golf Rules Explained”

  1. HEXsader says:

    LIV golf owned by saudi arabia a country that violates every single human right on earth, sad to see how many people sell their soul to the devil just for money!

  2. S C says:

    Omg 😱 time is running out fast

  3. tntkop says:

    I was playing in the Oklahoma State Amateur Tournament back in the 1990s when the rules official approached our group and told us we needed to pick up our pace of place because we were holding up the group behind us. I asked him if we were on pace, and he said yes.
    I asked, “Then why do we need to speed up?”
    He said, “Because the group behind you are fast players, and they’re complaining.”
    I said, “That’s bullshit. We are playing on pace, as per the rules, which is good for OUR pace of play. But you’re going to put us on the clock and make US play faster simply because the group BEHIND us likes to play fast?”
    He said, “Yes.”
    Again, I said, “That’s bullshit!”
    The rules official said, “It doesn’t matter. Once a complaint of slow play has been made, the offending group MUST be put on the clock. Period. That’s the rules.”
    I angrily said “Fine!”, but I remembered his exact words.
    So we picked up our pace of play. Next thing we know, we’re two full holes ahead of the group behind us. About that time, that same rules official drove by in his golf cart, checking on us.
    I waved him over and told him this:
    “You need to put the group behind us on the clock.”
    He laughed and said, “Huh? You’re not serious!”
    I said, “I’m 100% serious. They have fallen two full holes behind.”
    He said, “I can’t put a group on the clock because the group in FRONT of them is complaining about slow play. You have to be the group BEHIND the slow players.”
    I reminded him, “You told us, ‘once a complaint of slow play has been made, the offending groups MUST be put on the clock….PERIOD. That’s the rules!’”
    He sat there with a puzzled look on his face.
    I said, “So you are required BY RULE to put the group behind us on the clock.”
    He said, “You’re right. I did say that.”
    Aaaand off he went to out the group BEHIND us on the clock.
    He came back and said, “They aren’t very happy with y’all.”
    I said, “Fuck them. And you can leave now too…we’re busy playing a state tournament.”
    None of us in our group won the tournament. But neither did any of them fuckers behind us. In fact, every one in our group beat everyone in that group.
    True story.

  4. first name says:

    there was NOTHING slow about that — no stalling, no slow play, no wasting time

  5. This is so pleasing to see – a player penalised for slow play, especially after being warned. There should be more of it at the professional level – it is very easy to fix.

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