Smooth golf swing ⛳️

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📲 Virtual Golf Lessons – (nationwide) send in your swing for analysis

🏌🏻‍♀️In-person Golf Lessons – for South Carolina residents

⛳️ On-Course Golf Lessons – 9 or 18 holes

🎁 Gift Cards available for SC clients (In-person / 1hr lessons ONLY)

🖥 Online Courses – guided video instruction for all levels

⚫️ For more information, go to

⚫️ INSTAGRAM: @Meredith.McKellar

⚫️ TWITTER: @MerTaylor

⚫️ Former Gamecock golfer, Meredith Taylor is the Owner and CEO of McKellar Enterprises, LLC. Meredith is a full-time Golf Instructor in the Midlands of South Carolina. In-Person, Virtual, and On-Course Golf Lessons. The Online Courses will launch in 2023.

⚫️ Disclosures: All opinions are my own. McKellar Enterprises, LLC. Established in 2022.


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