SO CONSISTENT! Titleist TSR3 vs TaylorMade Stealth Plus

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I examine the brand new Titleist TSR3 Driver towards the ever well-liked TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver in a face to face battle. These two well-liked golf golf equipment of 2022 are filled with expertise which I run via on this video and supply my private suggestions on the appears to be like, really feel and TrackMan4 numbers.

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    29 Replies to “SO CONSISTENT! Titleist TSR3 vs TaylorMade Stealth Plus”

    1. Mike A. says:

      What shafts are being used?. Its important to note on this.

    2. Jon Brown says:

      Another thing is the moveable weight is best lined up with your miss. I wonder if the stealth being up front punishes a bit more

    3. Jon Brown says:

      The thing is your miss hits are a dimple up down or right. Most of these people are missing by two balls. The stealth plus smash might not be there but my ball is in the fairway…. I went in to get fitted for a titliest in feb

    4. SiJRa says:

      ‘That’s an absolute crusher…’. Best on YouTube is the NewtonM.. keep it coming

    5. Bandit Baker says:

      The standout metric is the efficiency of the TSR's face on mishits.
      So despite all the marketing BS from TM, their Carbon face is less efficient and less forgiving than the good old-fashioned titanium face of the Titleist driver. TM must be really peed off lol

    6. Eric Jaye says:

      If you're going for the Titleist get fitted. They easily have over 100 shaft options! If you don't beleive me check out their web site.

    7. Gary Hovey says:

      Very nice comparison, they match up very closely! I’m still a Tour Edge player and swinging the C721

    8. The thing I notice most in all the reviews of the New Titleist TSR Drivers, is the smash factor. Regardless of swing speed, male or female, whoever is swinging the club has a higher smash factor than the driver they test against. I have seen more 1.48-1.5 than ever before.

    9. Mike M says:

      Like every review I've seen, the TM Stealth is really good, but the TSRs are really, really good. If $600 show up out of the blue, I would get fitted for the TSR today. Good comparison Michael — keep up the great content!

    10. Ron Marcelo says:

      That spin is nearly uncontrollably low with the TSR isn’t it?

    11. G Tobs says:

      I sold my stealth, waiting to try get the TSR now 😁

    12. Too biase why even compare, if stealth came out last it would win, just sayin

    13. John Webb says:

      Better strike consistency would make the test more valid. Too much variation – 1200 and 1400 spin is ridiculous

    14. Zach Polin says:

      Was the one well short with Stealth a mishit? Seems like an outlier from the data you shared.

    15. Dan B says:

      Slightly heavier weight in stealth might improve smash or move it slightly into the toe so its behind the strike location.

    16. steve G says:

      Was too impatient to wait for the TSR to come available, lol. Went Stealth+ and I do like it. Patience is not a virtue I possess.

    17. Why are we comparing anything to the Stealth still when they aren't staying together? Every single one in our group of players has come apart.

    18. mark brook says:

      I thing the gains don't warrant a price tag of £529.00 as the Stealth is £469.00 thin i will stick with my Epic Speed

    19. Andy66 L says:

      Stealth really does seem to have the aerodynamics nailed, but TSR the smash factor, wonder if Taylormade will be able to combine both whenever they update next🤔

    20. CornishMaid says:

      Going to stay with my PXG 0811 XF,

    21. M T says:

      The overall distance differential is about 2 yards which is negligible in my book. What impresses me the most is the consistency. Every measurable metric from the Titleist is tighter. That to me speaks volumes. Other than hard and fast numbers, the red face and terrible feel of the Taylormade also pushes me further towards the Titleist. My TSR fitting is scheduled and I cannot wait.

    22. wnfakind says:

      Do you think a mid/high handicap can game the TSR3?

    23. Craig Talbot says:

      Had the stealth plus just got my tsr3, biggest thing I've noticed is on off centre the tsr3 goes nearly as well as off centre the forgiveness is great

    24. Paul O'Neil says:

      The Stealth's +/- rpms of 478 versus TSR3s +/-238 for me is the tell-tail. 1852 spin on the Stealth is fine for a long-drive comp – but on the course, when that drops down 1 Standard Deviation to 1400rpms, you are going to have problems. I have found that many of these modern drivers require you to game the 10-10.5 head, and adjust from there, in order to keep your spin range window in a gameable window – 1852 +/- 478 is NOT a gamer imo.

    25. Titleist all day… looks, sound & smash. Interestingly, another video where Stealth has produced greater clubhead speed but not translated into ball speed. It’s a different way to get there I guess…
      Does raise the question though Mike: if we assume all current drivers have COR maxxed out (as I’ve heard many on YT say), does this mean that Titleist has gone over the limit? I know in theory that would mean a smash of >1.50, but if you typically see smash at 1.46 and the new Titleist drivers are consistently delivering a higher smash factor than all the other brands…. Hmmmm 🤔

    26. jude nwaiwu says:

      Consistency and dispersion are better with TSR3 . Very nice

    27. Jim Farrell says:

      2 Excellent products. Not enough difference to matter for most golfers.

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