Ryan tests out the new Srixon Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV golf balls ready for the 2021 season. The new improved balls feature a thicker cover, reformulated inner core and are aimed at better players looking for improved ball speed and distance.

Find out more about these new Z-Star balls for 2021 along with what Ryan thought with a first look hit at his indoor fitting studio along with some trackman data analysis.

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  1. I used a previous version of z star but dropped it because it felt quite hard. I’ve been playing chrome soft truvis which has been great and straight off the tee with good iron shaping and wedge spin results. However, the CS has launched a bit high for my liking and when hitting into wind there is a tendency for them to stall significantly. I’m wondering whether to return to the z star now that it feels softer? I prioritise low driver spin for accuracy but love the ability to check a ball with a chip shot.
    Would you recommend zstar or CS? Other competing balls seem to have higher driver spin which I want to avoid…

  2. Nick L says:

    nice review!

    2022 diamond will most likely be for you. curious to see a test including all three.

  3. Jeez mate, you can't half waffle!

  4. It says the z star and z star xv are 3 and 4pc why does the z star look like 2pc and xv 3pc ? Am I blind or not seeing something?

  5. Why do British say zed instead of Z z star instead of zed star? Honest question not being ignorant

  6. ARNOLD TOEWS says:

    Are you able to talk without your hands? It's very distracting.

  7. W. Crowell says:

    Using the ZStar and really suits me! Thanks.

  8. bund440 says:

    Do you know if they will be replacing the Q Star soon.

  9. Jeff S says:

    When you cut them in half, the z-star has only 2 layers and the XV has 3 layers.

  10. Seve Sellors says:

    Great review great balls.

  11. Jpx St180s says:

    Nice content ! Cool Chanel I just joined recently !! Will you be reviewing the Srixon drivers ???

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