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    11 Replies to “Stack & Tilt – 7 iron full swing”

    1. Victor Pang says:

      This is one great rhythm swing Nick! Awesome! One question, do you happen to have a drill specifically for those amateurs who have a problem "swing at the ball and hit fat" rather than "swing thru the ball"? I know most of the instructors would say "you need to change your mindset and look 3-4 inches ahead of the ball….etc" but I believe there are many golfers who have already gained the muscle memory and bad habit of releasing the clubhead when seeing hands are getting close to the ball. Is there any checkpoint or drill to help to change this kinda issue? Thanks!

    2. James Smith says:

      Interesting pause in your hip movement right at impact. 0:08 care to comment?

    3. K H says:

      Nick, how in the world are you keeping your right leg so straight through impact? Does that help reduce risk of Early Extension? Thanks!

    4. Tone Bassin says:

      No new video today? Also front view of this same shot please!!

    5. Euriloco says:

      Hey Nick! Any chance you can do us a video one of these fridays about hips/legs in the swing? i have been trying to work on using my hips on the gold swing, and end the swing facing the target, but i find it REALLY hard to do so.

    6. JT says:

      Quite horrific impact to be honest. "Everyone stacks and tilts" well based on what I see NO

    7. Tom Dee says:

      Nick: I see three things I have questions about: 1) Back pockets off the imaginary tush line. 2) Hands higher at impact than at address. 3) Head pulls back off the wall. Conventional swing guys moan about these things all the time. Not as important for stack and tilt or are you working on improving these three? Thanks, Nick!

    8. J B says:

      Shane his head never moves up, his right leg straightens out giving the impression that he moves up but his left leg bends and left hip drop.

    9. Shane Deel says:

      I notice you raising up from the ground . I always hit deep and behind the ball. Maybe I need to raise up to get away from the ground

    10. J B says:

      I'd die for that swing nick.

    11. Great swing, as always. Definitely like this clip vs that other one. Maybe also add in a slow mo from the front perspective. Thank you for always producing high quality content. Have a great week.

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