STEALTH 2 v PARADYM v TSR | Which One Is Best? | HONEST Review

An honest review of the Callaway Paradym and Stealth 2 drivers from a golfer that is not a pro!


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    26 Replies to “STEALTH 2 v PARADYM v TSR | Which One Is Best? | HONEST Review”

    1. James Town says:

      Still like my TS3.

    2. Could you compare with the new Mizuno st230 please?

    3. J M says:

      Try the Mizuno 220 Z. It's awesome!!!!

    4. jack west says:

      Great to see real results on the course.. everyone is a bit tired of all the indoor "perfection.."
      Been playing the TSR2 since September .. 10 with a Brava 50g .shaft.. amazing.. (SE. Asia..)
      .I,m getting 240 -250 carry then roll.. before that the Ping g425 .. nice an straight but not the distance.. keep up the good work !

    5. Jim Dearman says:

      Each version needs to be tested for each model. It seems more people are fans of the Callaway PARADYM X or Triple Diamond. Likewise, it would be nice to test the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus+ and Ping G430 LST.

    6. Toon Lad says:

      I’m on the TSi3 but looking at going down to the TSR2…. The Stealth and Paradym just look WANK!!!!

    7. SunRider says:

      I love your tempo

    8. Keith Finley says:

      I wouldn't switch based on that performance. although you did get on well with the Stealth. Maybe ongoing testing head to head.

    9. Jay Jay says:

      By the numbers, the Callaway was the most consistent for you. Club speed, efficiency, spin, carry, and distance. I think you should try this again to see if you get the same results.

    10. RusCan says:

      The cal trip diamond is like a completely new dimension.
      Just a personal experience, but it gave me 20+ yards compared to the standard paradym

    11. KL says:

      On-course reviews are the best. I've had two days with Rogue TD at the winner. One day with TSr3 as the winner. Looking forward to Paradym

    12. Kevin Maxted says:

      excellent video gaz

    13. Will you do the ping 430 please gaz.

    14. Paul Stewart says:

      I have the TSi3 with a VeloCore blue and the Stealth2 with the stock shaft felt just as good. It fizzed off the face but wouldn’t fall for it again after last seasons Stealth disaster.

    15. Fuck I love this channel bruv, from being an 18y/o kid watching gshore, hitting clubs chasing birds looking up to gazza, then starting out playing golf at 30 and finding this channel and we’re both still chasing birds 😂❤

    16. Tsr 2.for me. My gamer as well. Not even sure ill try the other new drivers as its that good

    17. Steve Smith says:

      Trouble is Carbon and Epoxy, do your research as there have been issues , check out WRX forum for said matter. I'm sitting on the fence to see how it plays out. Ping to the best of my knowledge don't use carbon for that reason, For the record i have a Sim2 which is not bad after i went to a light shaft.

    18. Arron Jacobs says:

      Enjoyed the review, look forward to more , if you get the Stealth 2, I will have your TSR 😊. Keep up the great work 👍🏻

    19. Gaz James says:

      Really enjoyed that bud, love to see the stealth 2 in the bag and see what results you get over a few rounds.

    20. Steve Mason says:

      Gaz, great review! and, like you said in the video, its good to have a 'normal' golfer review the clubs for us 'normal' golfers! Get a review on the G430, think we would all like to see you give that one a go!

    21. Gaz, love the new content. Brilliant idea👏👏👏

    22. Great shakedown mate. No one is talking about the TSR anymore. IMO only the Ping G430 looks as consistent.

    23. "Do one thing every day that scares you." —Anonymous

    24. ToEasy says:

      TSR all day baby! Bin that ugly red thing.

    25. Phony Peeps says:

      Just looking at the numbers and back to front dispersion, the paradym looked the best but your path and swing speed was the worst.

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