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STOP DUFFING FATTING AND CHUNKING YOUR GOLF SHOTS, Mark Crossfield talks hitting fat golf shots today with some simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction. Learn how to control low point and strike the golf ball better for longer golf shots. Golf lesson videos and instruction have never been so easy to follow and now is the time for you to improve your golf swing.

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    1. ticleve2 says:

      Mark, would having a set of irons that have a maximum offset contribute to me chunking my irons?

    2. Tadd H says:

      Mark, just an heads up. Ur amazing!!! I’m from California and I’ve been watching u for a while now (2years). You have helped me go from 10 to a 6, and still improving with ur guidance. Thank you,
      Unfortunately a TaylorMade fanπŸ˜‚πŸ––

    3. James Cowen says:

      Donation done, great work πŸ‘

    4. Chris W says:

      Mark, I've donated.. Hope you hit your goal.. Awesomeness

    5. Steve Baker says:

      Wow! talk about light bulb moments. This is me all over, top tip. Thanks for all the great FREE advice and tips. Great vids, keep it going brah!

    6. john stone says:

      Awesome, Awesome Vlog ! I have a tendency to do the leaning back and through with off center toe strike more often that not. The "shadow my drill" has helped me with staying inline through impact. Thanks for all of the great content, reviews and making us amateurs actually question some of the equipment companies "claims". #researchisknowledge Cheer Brah!

    7. Paul Whenman says:

      Great video Mark and excellent effort with the charity. Thanks

    8. J Tonne says:

      Excellent vlog Mark! I struggled with this for 20 years and didn’t realize what I was doing until the last year or so. Your channel has been extremely. I’d always heard the term weight shift and in incorporating that into my swing, I naturally let my hips slide a little right, hence moving my spine laterally just a bit. My weight would be on the inside of my right foot but my hips/spine were out of position-easy for me to do at 6’4 in height. To recover, I was making a massive slide to my left side prior to turn, resulting in trouble consistently striking the ball clean, with the bottom of my swing arriving too early.

    9. Shadow drill works, simple and affective

    10. Great video mark and thanks for setting up the charity for the children! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    11. Phil Gale says:

      Donated…if I win stick them on eBay and donate whatever they make πŸ‘

    12. Light bulb moment! Thank you

    13. Tim Perrett says:

      If you don't happen to have a sunny six foot fence in your back garden, you can use your reflection in your bi-fold patio doors. Everyone has a set of those now, don't they?!! Great tip though Mark πŸ‘

    14. Light bulb moment.Top blogThanks Mark

    15. ih8pikeys says:

      They won't take my CC. πŸ˜‘

    16. Oogzie says:

      Donation done. Although being a 13 handicapper, I'm not sure if winning second hand, better player blades would be in my game's best interest. But they would look amazing in the bag!!! πŸ˜‚β›³οΈ

    17. Paul G says:

      This is a great tip. It really explains the problem I am having with my swing. Thanks Mark….

    18. Josh Marks says:

      It would be so funny if the guy who has your 6 iron wins his one back πŸ˜‚

    19. Top explanation. Got it bruh.

    20. El Matador says:

      Donated . Thanks for the lessons Mark and a great choice of charity

    21. Me & My good lady just contributed. Good luck to your Dad hitting that target. Well done everyone keep β€˜em coming £€$

    22. Adam Flynn says:

      Ermmm they aint a set bruh…they are also specced for you and the mysterious 6 iron donor 😁
      Great cause and with the number of followers you have if everybody (who is able) just gave a Β£1 or two it would really help the charity out. πŸ‘

    23. Nick Hymers says:

      Hi mark. Couldn't afford to donate a lot but hope it helps. Keep the content coming. Love the videos. Being a new golfer it's helping me alot.

    24. Bobby Prior says:

      Mark, Are you still providing lessons? I find your explanations very clear and easy to understand. Great Video!

    25. I just started watching your channel and I am really enjoying the content. I need to teach how to say Y'all though, Brah! Come join me in Texas for a round or two and we will get your southern drawl down. Plus I could use the help with keeping my drives in the fairway. Thanks again, Brah.

    26. I've had the same issue of thinning shots because I move off the ball. My local pro gave me the same sort of drill as the shadow drill but by lining up with the edge of a mirror. Works really well.

    27. Haha…..brilliant! I was thinking of the Tiger chip in as well πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘ Big respect to your dad and you for the charity. I'll be donating, cheers bruh!

    28. Good Morning Mark and Orla. Good today and yesterday about camera angles. Good Drill this will help with some bad habits within my swing.

    29. Mike Cook says:

      Well explained. I will try it and see if it works for me.

    30. Just donated bruh.well done to your dad a kind man x

    31. Hey Mark, where can I get another Mark from @golfonline? as all we get is rain burh… and a notice saying course closed…

    32. Mark Pogson says:

      Mark! Mark! Why do you always have to show off your balls when Coach calls? πŸ™‚

    33. I wanted to make a donation but I'm not a UK taxpayer!

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