Stop Firing Right Leg In The Golf Swing w/ This Simple Drill

Are you continually pushing and leaping off your path facet and firing that proper leg within the golf swing? Do that easy golf swing drill to higher use the bottom with higher footwork and cease transferring up into the ball in transition.

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    17 Replies to “Stop Firing Right Leg In The Golf Swing w/ This Simple Drill”

    1. Cool ⛳️🏌️ Boss

    2. Sweet video. Never seen this and I definitely need it!

    3. Jake R says:

      Dude, are you rockin’ the Prio’s? I just got into barefoot shoes and thinking about trying them when i start playing golf again!

    4. Wow, get drill for the early extender. I am amazed at how much I have to turn my left (lead) hip back to keep my right hip and right shin back. Pain is a good motivator!

    5. ksharpe10 says:

      Guess we will call it the Bucket Drill. Might try it.

    6. Saw this video, game changer for me!

    7. It’s amazing how many so-called experts there are on the Internet that love to make comments and critique every little thing. I have watched Milo in person hit balls And he is very impressive the proof is in the pudding thanks Milo you’re an awesome instructor I’ve had more progress this past year working with you and anybody that I’ve worked with before in the past

    8. This is absolutely what is wrong with golf instruction these days. I can give you a list of tour players that lift their right legs before impact i.e. Justin Thomas.

      Milo, don't confuse people with rotation and early extension. In this video, you are addressing early extension with the early rise of the right heel which has nothing to do with it.

      Pros like JT lift their heels early to ensure prople rotation and weight transfer. Not to mention JT hits it a mile using this technique.

      Get your s*it together.

      Edit: Colin Morikawa considered one of the best iron strikers of all time lifts his trail heel almost immediately in his downswing.

    9. VS says:

      great tip! anyway you can suggest a training tool that can help keep my right wrist and right elbow bent at impact? so i can train to rotate through while not allowing right wrist/elbow to straighten.

    10. I’m gonna need a machete for that one :)))

    11. “Tour Bucket” training aid?

    12. Firing the right leg, right side, was promoted in golf books and mags for decades. Ruined many a swing as we tried to master the move and never improved. Finally being put out there that this is a bad idea. Thanks Milo.

    13. Thanks Milo- I needed this like 25 years ago!! I’ve been trying to just focus on the left leg I’m transition to quiet the right side. I will try this for sure

    14. Ben Jonson says:

      Good one. Brief, to the point, excellent.

    15. If you use a metal can you can sharpen the edge if needed to combat an extreme case 🤣

    16. Ben Martinez says:

      Good stuff Master Milo!!!!

    17. parmark says:

      Guilty as charged your honor. This is what some folks refer to as "PURE AWESOME" and helpful. Thank you Milo.
      (Not sure how or where your camera's are watching me do this, but glad you caught me!! )

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