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The Famous Gary Player Walk Thru Drill! Do You Want To Stop Hitting The Golf Ball Fat?! This Drill Is PERFECT For You…

Some amateur golfers tend to hit behind the ball when using irons
this is because on the downswing, the weight isn’t on their leading side. This causes them to lean back and hit the ball fat.


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Music: Original – Fortnite Battle Royal Theme Song

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    34 Replies to “STOP Hitting The Golf Ball FAT | GARY PLAYER STEP THRU DRILL”

    1. you gotta step fru da shot.

    2. walking fru the shot..

    3. TaylorKD says:

      It’s the fucking fortnite lobby theme…. I love it

    4. This and the drill where you keep a golf ball under your back foot to not put too much weight on it in your swing, is what changed my game.

    5. Great tip. I have tried so hard to do this consistently, but haven’t been able to. I will try this.

    6. massive as says:

      Are you professional or if not, what's your handicap?

    7. Wow finally I can try and fix my swing

    8. Volunteer14 says:

      The old fortnite background music is giving me nostalgia

    9. Is that the Fortnite loading screen music he’s using

    10. Thanks this was great advice

    11. VEVO bob says:

      That’s not even a real driving range he’s standing in

    12. Look at your head/chest it’s over the ball. Just like driver, with driver you wouldn’t want the head over the ball you want it behind the ball. Wedges you want the ball to be positioned on your back eye.

    13. There’s also a correlation with your chest and head being over top or slightly like an inch in front of the ball

    14. David Mahady says:

      I like player walk through good guidepost but senior golfers may need chiropractic.It can help alot can make big differance most senior players subject to bad balance.Cant really play good with faulty balance I'm talking medically induced bad balance overall health related can be corrected by Dr.

    15. Trapper says:

      Can you please play with only the inside of the ball

    16. Drive the lead shoulder down, stop and release the arms/hands fire the hips. Mash potatoes

    17. Put wings in ur golf ball

    18. AnimeGamerYT says:

      Bro pls put a water baloon in th ball

    19. play with a hollow ball

    20. Is that the fortnight lobby song 😭😭😭😭

    21. Fill a ball with helium

    22. D Veezy says:

      Can you play a par 3 with a lacrosse ball?

    23. Dylan Hughes says:

      Can you do one side hollow and one side full day 130

    24. Louie Teed says:

      Sounds like the Fortnite sound in the background🤔🤔

    25. Luke Gogolin says:

      Bro has the og fortnite music in the background

    26. l4ndie says:

      Is that fortnite music in the background. Not gonna lie it sounds good with the video

    27. Fantastic advice and drill. I always practice swing with my back foot coming up or through like this

    28. Me is me says:

      put Macaroni in a ball

    29. JG Puppets says:

      Play but you dad has the disadvantage

    30. Fill a golf ball with slime.

    31. Day 10 of asking to play with a wooden ball or clubs

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