In this video Chris Ryan explains how a task drill can help you achieve a much better strike with your irons if you tend to hit the ground too mcuh before the ball

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    1. John Wayne says:

      Hard like heavy D. Hard golfing

    2. One of the most practical instructional video that I have ever come across on youtube! Thanks for making this concept easy to grasp unlike others who tend to be very technical.

    3. Shane Deel says:

      I have to tee up the ball at 2 inches and I still dig under the ball and behind it

    4. Mr. Kinetik says:

      This is such a simple tip that pays off in a big way. I love that your teaching makes sense for experienced and beginning golfers.

    5. Louis Fried says:

      Another informative and concise video Chris. Cheers mate.

    6. I love your teaching style and approach to a student's problems! Thank you for sharing your videos!

    7. Chris – you're my fav instructional channel. As a low single figure I'm oft helping buddies with their swing and I find this notion invokes an obsession in their minds with lateral movement and less with turning. I find that emphasizing absolute turning and a focus on rotation creates a race between the body and the club head which the body always wins as the club head follows. This, in turn (pardon the pun), creates a late-hit and downward blow. Yes there is lateral shift in the golf swing but newcomers who hit fat, when told about the shift, or weight transfer, will obsess about this notion and begin sliding side to side. Due to the way we are anatomically designed, focus on absolute rotation creates a natural weight shift, so that shift doesn't need to be mentioned as much as turning. But I'm not an instructor and everyone interprets differently. Id like to hear your thoughts?

    8. LoR says:

      Hi Chris. Can you do a video explaining wrist and or forearm rotation in the backswing and through swing. Thank you. Lawrence

    9. Great tips always feel like I'm falling back after my shot,will practice with the tee in front,thank you

    10. D soh says:

      great drill, will put this in practice this evening.

    11. Doug White says:

      Hi Chris, love your videos. Had not played in over 12 years. Your videos are spot on to help me get my game back. I am wondering if you would cover Setup, Ball Position for longer Iron Shots ie: 5 & 4 Irons. Thanks so much for producing your training videos.

      Doug White
      Colorado Springs, Co

      ps. Would help if you spoke a tad bit slower. 🙂

    12. Karl Losty says:

      this works a treat . love the videos keep up the good work mate .

    13. Chris excellent video. I am guilty of approaching the ball without any or much lateral hip movement. The idea of placing a tee pee six inches after the ball is brilliant and I will practice it. Another great video, keep them coming and I will always watch them.

    14. John Kelly says:

      Great drill. I needed to also practise my driver swing so that I could feel the difference.

    15. hitdog042 says:

      I literally never look at the ball outside of address and aim. I always look at the ground 4-6 inches past the ball, which is basically the same thing I would guess. Great video.

      For me it takes the ball out of the equation and there's no mental ball freeze and I always swing thru. And no, you won't miss the ball. You just will need to practice to find your aim point (could be an inch past, I've seen it as far as 10 inches past).

    16. Bonita Hall says:

      Great advice for a junior golfer

    17. Brad Hintz says:

      I have watched a lot of golf videos in my day, but this guy caught my eye today after I watched one of his videos. All I can say is Chris Ryan golf videos are the best! Spot on and helpful with all that I have watched. Thanks!

    18. Mr N says:

      Chris, your way of explaining things and getting to the root cause is easily the best I've ever come across. You've made some things click for me that I didn't even get from 1-2-1 instruction. Keep up the great work pal.

    19. Nice video Chris. can you do a video on the degree of hip turn during the downswing. I think my hips are over active.

    20. Chris, your videos are top notch. Need a solution to my current issue, and that is i tend to roll my right hand (i play right handed) under at impact, which pushes a high ball flight to the right. It seems that as i drop the club down in front of me, the toe of the club is open. My only solution is to rotate my forearms from the top and hope i dont smother the shot and hit a pull hook. Any insight would be great. Thanks from the USA.

    21. Andrew Bruce says:

      cracking video again Chris. I always try apply everything you teach in these videos to one of my rounds……although I'm so bad I forget which drills to apply to which situation!! Thanks again for this instructional…….now tell me where we can get some Chris Ryan branded shirts??!! You should start some merchandise sales…..

    22. Hung Phan says:

      interesting that he does reverse A swing, but it work for him.

    23. precisely why I carry about a dozen wooden stirring sticks in my bag. snap two small bits and drop them before and after the ball. square up and shift focus to the wooden bit after the ball, and avoid hitting the bit before the ball. made my short iron shots miles better….

    24. JFlytheBeast says:

      thanks for doing the slomo and multiple views on your actual swing and not just talking and expecting us to know what you're saying. Extremely helpful.

    25. FairwayJack says:

      of course I agree with everything you've said technique-wise ..however, your terms shallow and steep should refer to the swing plane ….I'd go with stationary and shifting when describing the lateral movement of the swing plane IMHO ..thx for all these vids Chris !!

    26. Tim B says:

      loved the explanation Chris. any strategic tips to break 90?

    27. rteach1 says:

      Excellent video. I like the use of an external focus. Have you been reading the studies of Dr. Gabriele Wulf?

    28. I am SO eager to try this task drill. Once you explained the weight shift I could remember feeling just what you said, pressure on the back leg and fat shot. Thanks for a simple explanation and correction.

    29. roobylater says:

      Thousand Thx for the advice Chris, I have to say I feel kinda honoured that one of the best YouTube golf coaches made a video because of me :-). Will try it out tomorrow on the course.

    30. Would the same apply to wedges? I generally hit irons flush but hit wedges fat. I think it is because I'm not making a full swing.

    31. Hey Chris, Any chance you could do a video and how to release the club correctly? I tend to try hold it square to target after impact resulting in a push straight or push draw. Thanks

    32. You have lots of great tips Chris but for me, this, by far has been the best! I'm hitting the ball so crisp I don't even feel the ball. I do find it harder to do with 4 and 5 iron but 6 iron up I'm getting much greater distance. Only problem, I now duck hook sometimes as its hard to feel contact on the club face and face angle in the downswing. Any thoughts or ideas on how to fix? Thanks again, keep being awesome!

    33. George says:

      I suffer with fat shots but it is not due to "hitting up" on the ball its actually the opposite. I have this Tiger/Rory squat with a bit of Lee Westwood head dip and I get tonnes of forward shaft lean so I take nuclear divots and if I do catch it fat it is game over! Suffering from a big loss of confidence as I'm scared to hit off the grass.

    34. you can even do it with a second ball, it's fun to see 2 balls flying off 🙂

    35. William Feng says:

      Great video as always Chris. Any tips on bringing my swing down? I almost never take a divot.

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