Stop Shanking Your Wedges – Tyler Dice Golf

Stop Shanking Your Wedges! Watch this video and see how you can stop shanking your wedges!


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    2 Replies to “Stop Shanking Your Wedges – Tyler Dice Golf”

    1. Wrigleyn8 says:

      That video would be much more enjoyable if the pterodactyl wasn't screaming in the background

    2. Billy Graham says:

      EXCELLENT ADVICE. I was swinging really great at the driving range with my clubs all the way down to the pitching wedge, where with the pitching wedge I hit a few shanks. I am imitating a Rory McIlroy swing. Then with the pitching wedge, the shanks sort of crept in a bit. I went to my 64 degree, and shank, shank, shank. set up with the ball at the toe of the club and then hit a few good ones, but even shanked then sometimes (too, too often). I have these bouts with the shanks whenever I get out of practice with my wedges. I tried bending over more, that did not help. This advice did help though. I remembered that I need to swing differently for a wedge, as my body gets in the way or something like that with the short sticks. I went home and saw this video, felt inspired, and went outside and swung the club more bent over but more from the shoulders, and keeping the clubhead on the bent over shoulder plane, which was pretty much on the plane of the ball to the base of my neck. Oddly, I find I cannot take the same followthrough without straining, so I let my head slide forward for the followthough. But I can tell I am now swinging the way I want. I cannot drop the right shoulder way down when swinging with the wedge. With the wedge it is much more difficult to close the clubhead square, and easy to push the clubhead out to where the hosel meets the ball rather than the clubface. That is just the geometry of the thing, and that is something I must recognize. So, I know what I want to do, and this video reminded me of what works for wedge shots.

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