Strong Flex from "Mr. Smooth" at Chicago's Classic Driving Range | Driving Range Diaries

Columbus Park feels like a classic. It’s also where you can find “Mr. Smooth.” On the other side of Chicago, Jackson Park has a whole different vibe. The Windy City’s own Roger Steele comes home for this Driving Range Diaries, presented by Adidas Golf.

Laid-back, low-key and lenient are the three L’s of Columbus Park. Jackson Park, on the other hand, down on Chicago’s southside is a vibe all its own. Where no one’s immune from a little trash talk.

Checking out these two legendary Chicago ranges was an eye-opener of the best kind.

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    12 Replies to “Strong Flex from "Mr. Smooth" at Chicago's Classic Driving Range | Driving Range Diaries”

    1. MNK says:

      Not able to concentrate

    2. Damn why shows like this and get in the more views they deserve

    3. Did he say you cant twirl if you hit a squirrel?

    4. This is what golf needs!

    5. Nick Davis says:

      I do not get good vibes from the beardy monestary dude

    6. L says:

      That's awesome kids play free 👍 fellowshipping 🙌

    7. David Savage says:

      Love the comment from the guy who said what he learnt from Zen monks applies to golf more than anything else!

    8. 115bdogg says:

      This place looks like you will have a good time no matter how bad you hit the ball.

    9. Jerome 1949 says:

      "You gotta earn the twirl!"

    10. Jared W says:

      This is the golf club everyone should be a part of. Inclusion and positivity from all walks of like! 🤘

    11. "but did u see the twirl!?" lol I relate to the so much we always trying to hit it far and look good doing it too all the way down to the last twirl

    12. KJ says:

      🗣🗣🗣get this man verified!!!! #bluecheck

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