Sturgis is a COWARD – Eric July's Fox News Interview – Jared Talks Jason David Frank AGAIN | 1217

Join Ben & Billy for DP 1217! Tonight, we’ll watch the Rippaverse fanboy we call Sturgis continue to respond to comments instead of our videos, Eric July’s Fox News interview about Ism from last year, AND MORE!

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19 Replies to “Sturgis is a COWARD – Eric July's Fox News Interview – Jared Talks Jason David Frank AGAIN | 1217”

  1. DustyBones says:

    Billy its low blood pressure you had heart failure.

  2. Gabe Eltaeb was later exposed as a Hillary supporter on Twitter (and later bounced off the platform), fucked over his artist on that Truth, Justice and the American Way book. He has now launched a comic with Dean Cain (the wimpiest Superman ever)

  3. Beardshire says:

    3 churches on every block, forcing the residents to pay for it, but ya, Christians are so persecuted.

  4. You have 100k subs and respond to a guy who barely gets 500 views a video and with less than 1k subs.

  5. The Eric July ball-washer was correcting Billy saying "cran" when earlier he said you guys were talking "DRIBBLE." That is amazing.

  6. Until this clown I've only heard "punching down" used by leftists to explain why all jokes about minorities or LGBT+ is offensive and banned speech what is this guy talking about

  7. resisting the urge to say something awful that Ben & Billy will be responsible for

  8. DuckShoes says:

    1:11:17 His love letter to Superman was making a comic featuring a Judge Dredd rip off.

  9. RtawRRd says:

    Christ Sturgis has zero self awareness

  10. Cobra has pissed himself on live stream

  11. 17:05 reminds me of The Quartering simpin for Elon. And he was right! Look how great Twitter is doing

  12. Henry’s says:

    PLEASE invite him on your show

  13. shawn fries says:

    I just find it entertaining that he responded to my comments where i purposely miss spelled shit but I did actually fuck up on saying he the fanboy be isom sidekick call TISOM and now I just want to add his secret identity should just be Sturges simp-a-ton

  14. Sturgis just needs an irl friend.

  15. Whatever will The Fats do now haha

  16. Ya Mum says:

    Ben with the Double Double like a champ.

  17. Tony says:

    Gideo game undergwound

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