Sunday Morning Mix Reviews – Nov 27



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    19 Replies to “Sunday Morning Mix Reviews – Nov 27”

    1. bilarion says:

      20:48 this is giving me STRONG 30 Seconds to Mars vibes! I like it.

    2. Rand Burkey says:

      1:37:40 these guys really cool/ almost 80's style Alcatraz with an unconventional modern progressive feel with those key changes and rtms. vocalist very powerful. and has a fn nice edge -his highs are actually raspy and badass. Love the gtr arrangements…..even tho the whole overall flavor is like Roudness or Alctrz

      (typing w 1hand)

    3. Rand Burkey says:

      DAMN!!! Sunday morning TOO????? Man I missed it. c-u-2morro. BTW i"ve been seriously digging that CletusChrist song. Wish they had the album ready

    4. Randall Hall says:

      I would submit my music but apparently original instrumental metal guitar and drums isn't a qualifier here it seems…im slightly saddened and disappointed, because I can't afford fancy recording equipment and gear. Regardless I will never give up my passion, and aspirations, even if my YouTube channel (Rainey Hall) remains a barren wasteland. Lyrics/Vocals are completely optional in a song, whereas the music is not. If the music is trash then the lyrics/vocals will not make a difference and the song will be trash. Despite my harsh criticisms Thank you for what you do and how you do it Glenn, I understand that you are evaluating the mix and not the creativity of the musicality but on behalf of the aspiring instrumental musician…fuck you Glenn! I guess being just a solo guitarist isn't good enough huh…not very motivational to the lone musician. = even still you have my respect, because you don't bullshit around with your opinions. Commendable quality. One more thing (Many people enjoy Instrumental music, so why exclude those people from your fanbase…just saying it could help your channel grow if you didn't do that). May fortune smile upon us!

    5. Gaahl 3:16 says:

      The highlight for me was Anything But This, their mix sounded so good. Gave me huge Nevermore vibes, well worth looking out for

    6. Shorter is better. Slower sounds better too

    7. Arcade 1 up ms pacman and galga

    8. Yea I lost my bridge ground wire and it was stupid noise till I fixed it

    9. Brettc says:

      Dang I’m kind of upset with myself for not checking this out live. I’m a music lover but I don’t have any musical talent

    10. Cold here in New Mexico bone peirceing cold 🥶

    11. just want to say thanks again for all the kind words and honest feedback. i thought i was gonna get shot for submitting an 80's throwback synthpop new wave tune

    12. Mike Baird says:

      What! Bored on Sunday? Or just run out of ideas for videos for the month?
      No matter. Still entertaining AF. Guess we might be listening to a double-header going into tomorrow’s reviews.
      Keep doing what you’re doing, Boss!
      Mikey likes it

    13. Brett Epps says:

      Morning. Got my coffee. Let's get kicking!

    14. Charr Bloxx says:

      Hey, I think I have ALL the GK "Guitar" not bass amps and heads. To me they sound great!!! If you want to use them for a Tube vs Solid State shoot out, I'm in Howell Michigan. about an hour from Windsor.. Krypton

    15. Powerflinch says:

      Glenn, you might want to think about posting these with the live chat stream intact in order to maintain the context of the moment.
      Just a thought, man.
      Love your show, dude. ✌

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