Suspect in slayings of woman, 3 children shot, killed by police at Sanford motel, officials say

Law enforcement at a Sanford motel shot and killed the suspect in the deaths of a woman and her three children found dead inside an apartment, according to officials.


28 Replies to “Suspect in slayings of woman, 3 children shot, killed by police at Sanford motel, officials say”

  1. I think when El reached for the gun , he wanted to kill himself , because the police trapped him , that's when they killed him

  2. Bill King says:

    Dudes like this should have never been out in the first place. One day, there's going to be a certain type facility implemented put in place, for this type of individual.

  3. Mark gordon says:

    Bad animal.put down…

  4. It'll save the taxpayers a lot of money he got what he deserved

  5. I'm actually surprised. He looks like a law abiding negro. I would never have guessed.

  6. Diane Harris says:

    what a big coward

  7. Mental Beatz says:

    From just hearing the news you’d think he was white

  8. tyedye mike says:

    make his family pay for it

  9. Juan Murillo says:

    He be black the protesters are making their signs now

  10. The usual suspect.

  11. C C says:

    What a Loser

  12. That BBC is to die for 🥒🦍

  13. "Coward", He wanted them to HELP him, take the EASY WAY OUT. Coward straight up!

  14. Dam white people . Put dreadlocks down like a bin laden Taliban

  15. duffeldoffer says:

    Suicide by Cop. DEMOCRACKHEAD!


  17. Zigman 85 says:

    And once again. It's the usual suspects from a certain demographic.

  18. Good, he's dead justice served. 👏 👌 🤣 👍

  19. Dana Latta says:

    I’d like to solve the puzzle Pat!

  20. Lucy Vanpelt says:

    Oh good …. Another worthless savage gone !!!

  21. Craig T says:

    What a shock.

  22. WaCongo Forevers
    Watch your back
    Don't get blacked

  23. My condolences to all the families and friends. Rip🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿


  25. Derail07 says:

    Good!!! Justice served!!

  26. Same usual suspects. Nothing to see here folks.

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