Taking On Giant Squid & Crazed Diver ~ Dave The Diver

Welcome to ‘DAVE THE DIVER’, a marine journey set within the mysterious Blue Gap. Discover the ocean with Dave by day, and run a sushi restaurant at evening. Uncover the secrets and techniques of the Blue Gap, and unwrap this deep sea thriller involving 3 associates, every with distinct personalities. New adventures await

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    15 Replies to “Taking On Giant Squid & Crazed Diver ~ Dave The Diver”

    1. no one gana say how he look like a fat ash from Pokémon

    2. madamemoody says:

      I appreciate this series nice and chill after long day at work.

    3. Player One says:

      Yea, more Dave the diver. Please more games you enjoy.

    4. Ghost Helwig says:

      Congratulations on the boss fights! That giant squid was intense. Lol. I hope you catch all the big fish, but I also hope you don’t actually have to catch the dolphins to get their card. Maybe it will be a gift they give you instead? Since they’ve been so kind and needed so much help, I’d be annoyed with the game for expecting me to catch one. 😅 Anyway, I love this game. I’m glad you’re still playing it.

    5. Man, I hope this continues 😩

    6. hoppie538 says:

      Hey Grill, you should be able to hire people at the end of the night. Thanks for the upload.

    7. If you want to see your inventory and equipment, go look at the yellow box beside Cobra. It was confusing for me as well.

    8. homeyshlitz says:

      Congrats on defeating all of those bosses Grill. Other than the dolphins I hope you'll catch all the fish.

    9. Brian Rucker says:

      My favorite of your series so far. Keep going Grill

    10. I love watching this game

    11. jarlim says:

      Gotta fish em all

    12. Came here as soon as I noticed the notification

    13. Furpoe says:

      Got here as soon as i got the notification, this series has been on my mind since it started. would love for u to continue

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