Takomo iron head + BB&F ferrules + Project X LZ shaft + Pure grip = Beautiful Golf Club

Just put together a set of these Takomo heads for someone in CA. She’s a beaut!!


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    22 Replies to “Takomo iron head + BB&F ferrules + Project X LZ shaft + Pure grip = Beautiful Golf Club”

    1. Ferrules are to long for me. I have custom ferrules but not that long.

    2. Hi! What finish have the face..a kind of sanding or blast media?

    3. Myles Marin says:

      Love the minimal offset with wider sole, combination that is hard to find on a players looking club

    4. Rj says:

      Anyone here ever tried pure grips? How do you like them? They seam like they’d be extremely tacky and a pain in the ass getting in and out of the bag

    5. What other clubs do you purchase to build ? Great videos AJ thanks for your work.

    6. Dan Ring says:

      First of all you do great work. I have a question on your take on Pure grips. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer 3 months ago. I’ve gone to GP Tour Suede because they are softer on my hands. Does Pure make a grip that’s soft and absorbs shock? Thanks is advance and All the best to you and yours ✌🏻👏🏻

    7. aMiFiii says:

      What are your thoughts on the 101T Head by Tokomo? These are cast not forged, right?

    8. Tiago Nemo says:

      looks great! minimal topline clubs are so attractive.

    9. Claude Voyer says:

      Where are they from? Great looking

    10. Great Work AJ can't wait to get them back from you. It all came together very nicely. If any of you have questions on playability and feel etc. You can DM if you want. Again AJ great work thank you so much.

    11. adri vreeke says:

      Nice ferrules 👍

    12. Obviously, you are building those for someone else, but have you ever hit the Takomo 201 irons? I am seriously considering buying a set of the 201s, they are just so cheap.
      The build looks awesome, by the way.

    13. Love the whole look and the ferrules match up beautifully. Just wondering did the clubs need much swing-weight and loft correction while setting up ?

    14. Helmotron says:

      It's a lovely looking wand. What are your thoughts on the more game improvement 101 model? I have a friend on the lookout for a new set and he's a higher handicap player.

    15. Adam Dillman says:

      I've wanted to buy those irons for awhile now, but they came out just after I upgraded this past year, now you got me thinking I need them anyway, GREAT JOB!

    16. Sean Murray says:

      Looks like a Ping I210

    17. Holy crap that looks so pretty! Makes me smile!

    18. Jake Lindsay says:

      Gorgeous head and gorgeous build. It looks unique but it looks like it borrows some inspiration from Ping.

    19. Looks exactly like New Level 902

    20. Those heads look awesome!!

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