TaylorMade golf bag review: We put TaylorMade's latest stand and trolley bags to the test

There is no point spending all that money on some shiny new golf clubs if you have nothing to keep them in! So we’ve got our hands on some new TaylorMade golf bags for 2021.

In her TaylorMade golf bag review equipment editor Hannah Holden runs you through the TaylorMade Tech Flex waterproof stand bag and the TaylorMade Storm-Dry waterproof cart (trolley) bag. What is the storage like, are they sturdy, comfortable and most important of all are they waterproof?

And for those of you who have been asking for a WITB from Hannah you might be in for a treat too…

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    19 Replies to “TaylorMade golf bag review: We put TaylorMade's latest stand and trolley bags to the test”

    1. Luke Makar says:

      Great review!

      Did you notice anything about the black bag getting hot when in the sun? I'm wondering how the material does in warmer weather to see if it's an all-year round bag.

    2. i want this bag but it doesn't have a cooler built in

    3. John Lyle says:

      Where can I get that stand bag? Does it come in blue? What is the exact name of the stand bag?

    4. Stephen S says:

      Really great review. thank you.

    5. Ben Sparks says:

      Not sure why they changed the strapping system to the self levelling system on the flextech. It’s horrible!

    6. The dress is hotter than the bags!👌🏽💕 Subscribed. Good review.

    7. Sp!cyman says:

      I’m not sure any bag is completely waterproof. It depends on the severity of the rain and exposure time. Eyebrows.

    8. Can you do a ping hoofer review please 🙏🏻

    9. Love the tech flex , great review Hannah 👍🏌️‍♀️⛳️

    10. Hannah….. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Gurl….. you been hitting the fitness Hard! Nice job. Keep up the great reviews.

    11. ww says:

      Am I seeing things or did Hannah use this lockdown to work on her fitness? Looking gooooooood!!!!!!!

    12. Tony Kelly says:

      Another splendid review Hannah!

    13. Excellent review. I was thinking about getting this sort of bag, either the Flextech or its cousin, Flextech crossover , has 14 slots for clubs and a small cooler. Both of these bags sit on a trolley too which I'm looking for. Thanks so much. .

    14. Rob S says:

      that Trolley looks really nice too

    15. Mickey Wong says:

      is that huddersfield gc ?

    16. cwugrad396 says:

      i don’t have the motivation to play in the rain but living in Seattle we get plenty of it so better make sure it’s good and not the cheap stuff

    17. Ken Phillips says:

      You can carry all that weight for 18 holes? Impressive.

    18. Hannah great review. Mind you your 'waterproof test' was English rain but as you know 'Scotland rain' is usually heavier and comes down sideways! Eric.

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