Team Dan Vs Team Lurch – Ozarks National, presented by Truly

Ozarks National is a track you need to see to believe. We were at Big Cedar Lodge and played Missouri’s first and only golf course designed by architect duo, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. Playing like a true links style golf course, we have Danny vs Lurch in an epic showdown.


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    38 Replies to “Team Dan Vs Team Lurch – Ozarks National, presented by Truly”

    1. When Trent said “you’re fat dude” to Lurch had me dying! Lol

    2. lystenmymic says:

      Unfortunately with that tense set up Trent your never breaking 90

    3. Somebody get Danny a bigger hat pls

    4. collin Hay says:

      D rap is a weapon

    5. Discr says:

      Either play stroke play only with everything putted out and all strokes actually counted, or Match play only with no card at the end with your stroke scores, because you guys are giving each other putts and not counting all strokes during the round. It’s a joke.

    6. Bobby Drex says:

      Was it ever stated why Lurch left the pod full time?

    7. Trent vs the life jacket has me crying! Great content!

    8. DJ Spillz says:

      frank & lurch need putting lessons lol

    9. The third hole Dan got a 4 they didn’t win that hole

    10. IDK if it's a flexibility thing or what, but Trent you gotta get that lateral swaying thing fixed. Your hips look like you're doing the hula-hoop in your backswing.

    11. Billion dollar idea I just had – 4 man scramble, Fore Play against Dude Perfect. You're welcome, I'll take my royalties when the video comes out in a few months

    12. R C says:

      Trent “to longer inhabit this world”. I almost needed new underwear watching the lifevest portion. And watching Frankie and Lurch putt was funny as well. What fast greens they must’ve been.

    13. Kyle Isnor says:

      Love watching you guys battle it out with great scores!

    14. Steve says:

      At least they're giving Trent shit now for his shitty golf

    15. Michael Fink says:

      I love how Frankie exposes himself. He said 2 years ago barstool members couldn’t hit a golf ball. They were shooting 98’s and 100’s he says. At that same time, he claimed to be a 8 or 9 handicap. Always has been lying to inflate his fragile ego. Poor guy

    16. Michael Fink says:

      Frankie with a 4 handicap 😂😂😂 double bogey on the 1st hole. Please provide documentation to back up these wild claims

    17. Alex M says:

      Gotta love Lurchy, nice to have him back for a bit

    18. JSMOOTH220 says:

      Haha. What a good laugh at the end lol

    19. Jay Hayes says:


    20. K9 388 says:

      Dave! Do something immediately before the channel sinks…..sad

    21. Javier Rubio says:

      “Foreplay: by the common golfer for the common golfer”. Literally gets rid of one of the most relatable members for a career golf writer. Sick.

    22. Connor Barth says:

      How do these clowns have a golf channel

    23. Alex Hunt says:

      What a great hoodie out of Trent

    24. robert 2but says:

      Frankie is now the alabaster assassin

    25. Kendal Deep says:

      Danny is pure with that 3 wood. Smoked it a few times throughout the round.

    26. Love the Danny Rap addition but it was a mistake to get rid of Lurch. Ultimate glue guy…

    27. After watching more and more content with Danny in it, I got to say Fore Play absolutely knocked it out the park adding him. He’s a natural fit with the crew and it’s only getting better 👏🏻

    28. Bwen FYI says:

      Trent’s setup is back to looking like he’s in the gym doing shrugs. 😅 relax big dog

    29. Is there a flood we need to know about Danny?

    30. Frankie is missing the clutch gene, his basic skills are elderly enemas and wiping paraplegic butts on demand, not really a warrior, Dan is a turd in the punch bowl, kinda ruins the punch floating around.

    31. M M says:

      They need to drop Rap and bring back Lurch. Lurch was a good personality and made the videos better. Rap is a better golfer but so bland. We watch for entertainment.

    32. This video reminded me that Lurch is a sore loser about the whole thing even though he had every opportunity to be the 4th leg. Glad Danny has seized the opportunity

    33. magicwhite21 says:

      Danny saying “actually?” To Trent saying he was 14lbs as a baby is the most telling thing of all

    34. Marc Andrews says:

      DRAP is so horrible. Jesus

    35. andrizy says:

      I can't speak for anyone else, but I get it

    36. Trent’s the only dude in human history who almost drowned BECAUSE of his life vest lol

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