Team TaylorMade's Uncut, Full Stealth 2 Range Testing Session | TaylorMade Golf

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa and Tommy Fleetwood test out the new Stealth 2 lineup of drivers and fairway woods from TaylorMade Golf for the very first time. In this full, uncut video featuring the best golfers in the world, you’ll hear them talk about the new golf clubs in their bags, why they have them set up to their certain spec, and learn about the new tech in real time as they hear it from our Tour reps.

They get their hands on the new Stealth 2 Carbonwood Driver, with a new 60X Carbon Twist Face (which they eventually put to the test in a Fargiveness long drive challenge). They’ll test the versatility and adjustability of the new Stealth 2 Plus fairway wood (and its massive 50-gram sliding weight). They even test out a few of the new Stealth 2 Rescues and try to take down a drone filming them.

Set aside the time, pull up a chair and get ready to take a deep dive into the process and gear minds of these elite golfers.


25 Replies to “Team TaylorMade's Uncut, Full Stealth 2 Range Testing Session | TaylorMade Golf”

  1. Colin just wants his old driver…

  2. “That ankle doesn’t work anymore” goddamn that sucks for me seeing Tiger with those expression. Man himself look tired with that constant heavy breathe. Last one Tiger pls 🥲

  3. Hit a high fade to that right pin? Yep no problem!

  4. Tigers swing plane looks SO good 😍

  5. imulio says:

    TaylorMade sales reps acting like secret service NASA engineers when they move a weight from front to back.

  6. Ed Flood says:

    Tiger wearing a red shirt, was this at a tournament on a Sunday morning?

  7. Phil Smith says:

    I'm not a taylormade guy but this was the best 30 mins I've ever spent on Youtube

  8. Serious question though, is tiger hitting TP5s or Bridgestone on the range?

  9. It’s ironic that I’m a cobra player, but literally all my favorite golfers are with Taylormade along with Grant and Mika lol I did switch to the mini driver, though!

  10. BazzaGolf says:

    This is so interesting.. more of this please.. where is my invite?

  11. This. Is. Quality

  12. hj Lionel says:

    TM bring Jason Day back 😢

  13. Chris Baker says:

    Please keep producing these. Golf nerds, like myself are really geeking out to this….

  14. Jay Riggs says:

    I always felt like such a weirdo not taking divots until I found out Tiger didn’t either. Ever since then I’ve gotten the same bewildered looks like Scottie gave him. Now if I could only putt…

  15. Luken says:

    send tommy, colin, day and tiger out for a day with this same approach. Uncut & let them do their own thing. Those four are great to listen to talking about how to approach the game/shape shots/breaking down swings etc…

  16. Harjot Singh says:

    Our group still plays high school golf on weekends, come through 😂😂

  17. Jack Saloman says:

    Why is tiger even in here, he's so done.

  18. Chris Fuller says:

    How do you like this 15 more times

  19. HolyRare says:

    9:09 "hit a high fade to that right pin". Still amazes me that they can do these shots on demand

  20. Zach McCarty says:

    "Oh go in" from Fleetwood at 9:00 was so genuine. Just shows you how good rory is

  21. dad forever says:

    Tiger was very proud when he was talking about Charlie who wanted to beat him by age 14. amazing!

  22. fred smith says:

    many years ago i stood just a few feet behind and watched tom weiskopf picking it clean thru a whole range session. maybe the best long iron player ever?

  23. SamL0 says:

    Anyone think that this video is here because of liv?

  24. Brett A says:

    “Good luck.” = “not happening”

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