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29 Replies to “Test Your Grip! Win $500!”

  1. HJ says:

    First i thought the guy in the suit was Van damme

  2. That Guy says:

    Vulcanizers have the most ridiculous hand strength. For real. You want a challenge that's your best bet.

  3. VividoK says:

    biger hand – bigger numbers + –

  4. Bob Burns says:

    Larry: The guy I grew up with had an unbelievable grip that Tommy Kono learned after he had his gym on Maui in the mid-1960s – Tommy had weightlifting and strength demonstrations and in one of them at the Kahului Shopping Center, Tommy bent a railroad spike which Frank straightened out and gave it back to Tommy! Frank Jacintho could tear 3 US quarters at once into 6 pieces, tear apart a US quarter into 3 pieces with the middle piece falling to the ground, etc. Frank was featured tearing a US quarter into two, quarter after quarter, on a late September 1982 episode of ABC's "That's Incredible". Frank was able to tighten and loosen lug nuts on trucks, carry a whole cane hauler wheel into the shop for repair … instead of using the fork life (!), etc.

  5. 8:49 “you can’t touch your self “ wym by that

  6. Dennis Hyman says:

    The guy at 14 minutes is the first guy with some real forearm mass.

  7. 💪🏼 larry heals

  8. Hello servant please help me my mom suffering kidney disease and I face poverty and unemployment please feel my pain I face very hard time 🙏

  9. Rick Ross scored 94 😂

  10. Uhhh that big guy squeezed with no technic no train 94kg… Train him 3 months and he beats you 😬

  11. Jo Cream says:

    The rocks son. Nobody gets it

  12. Hector Tovar says:

    Go to zoo and see who gets over 120

  13. Adam you need to stop laughing at the competitors😂

  14. Most I ever got on one of those is 98kg 😞

  15. Isaiah Smith says:

    When I heard the first goal of 120Kgs, I about fell out of my chair 🤣. Im decently strong and the most ive closed was 185lbs. 120kgs is INSANE!!

  16. Ben Solari says:

    Gotta get some rock climbers in here, i maxed out a similar machine at 200 lbs when I was 18 and only weighed about 170

  17. Bananas says:

    challenge magnus

  18. Mr Mustache says:

    10:20 🤝 i came to save my man! 🤣

  19. L.H Puia says:

    Larry showing to the camera, yet we cant see anything😂

  20. GuzQuebec says:

    I have a 80kg grip and i do 3×6 reps. Dude, i don't think i can do 100kg, it's a lot.

  21. YEHE&BOII says:

    I usually watch larey's intro more than his full video

  22. U look likes like the rock

  23. Im Bluntgod says:

    i see you trey <3

  24. i personally measured COC#1.5 up #2 and #2.5 the 2.5 closes at around 80kg . 1.5 at 40 kg and the 2 at about 60. so the guy who said can close a 2.5 was not warmed up so he did in the 60s

  25. I weigh 158 lbs and can do over 100

  26. I'll do over 100 kg and I weigh under 91 kg.

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