Testing Two of the Most Unique PDGA Approved Discs (the Sector G1R1 and the ODDgrip G1)

The Sector G1R1 and the ODDgrip G1 are two discs which might be pushing the boundaries of innovation in our sport.

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    41 Replies to “Testing Two of the Most Unique PDGA Approved Discs (the Sector G1R1 and the ODDgrip G1)”

    1. PWheat23 says:

      Just put an order in for the ODDgrip G1. I look forward to seeing what it feels like.

    2. Aaron Logue says:

      Give MVP's Patent a cursory read for more information on what the "gyro" tech really is. It is a common misconception that the overmold is "rubber." It is, in fact, just another plastic of the same or similar type with a higher density, or a lower/equal density along with a heavy filler. Patent # is 9731216 B2

      tl;dr MVP's patent centers around the overmold being a different density (usually higher density) than the core of the disc, resulting in a higher rotational moment of inertia compared to a traditionally manufactured single-mold disc, it has nothing to do with grip.

    3. LookSee says:

      Closed the tab but then went back into my history to drop a like and sub!

    4. Any idea when there will be for factory seconds, was late to the party.

    5. What is the music on this video. I know it, but I can't place it

    6. Please check out NSH discs. They're amazing too

    7. Andy Sporny says:

      That course looks so familiar, is that the one right by a park in Denver? I can’t remember the town but I’m pretty sure it’s the one. Where are the discs being sold at?

    8. Bsartias says:

      I like the sharper edge that my FX-2 has. I don't really know why because it's not as comfortable, but for some reason it's enjoyable 😆

    9. Trash panda is so awesome that I'm ALMOST willing to forget that you said "comfortability" in this video!

    10. XxKNAUGSxX says:

      Have you thrown a 10 meter?

    11. Max Bogue says:

      Really interesting concept for the G1. I'll be intrigued to see how they modify the flight plate to maintain handfeel while introducing alternate flights. They'll need to change the upper rim, at least in the wing section, because it appears the main reason the G1 is so overstable is that board-flat flightplate and the high parting line.

    12. FloatinFire says:

      that course looks familiar… is this colorado?

    13. Darn it! They are all sold out. Too slow.

    14. Bax says:

      Love that course and a great place to test. Keep up the content.

    15. Good ole springvale

    16. Lee Bierman says:

      Can you throw some Glitches next? Dying to see a 1/7/0/0 fly.

    17. Lee Bierman says:

      Springvale! My local pitch and putt! Aced hole 4 with a Berg last time I played there.

    18. Cole crank says:

      Wish I saw this video yesterday, woulda definitely bought a new bag

    19. Exquisite review man, I enjoyed it.

    20. T.j. Bennett says:

      Ahhhh hopefully more atlas bags become available!

    21. Shoutout to donut. Does more innovative me more better. I laughed so hard

    22. Crazy idea, what if they combined and had a whole lineup of discs with the perfect grippy section on the bottom of the discs.

    23. crusher26638 says:

      I’d like to see the PDGA restrict some of the innovation. If somebody can invent a disk that goes further or holds the line better I think that hurts Disc Golf. I’d like to focus more on the player’s ability than the equipment.
      Over molds are perfectly acceptable. They don’t seem to make enough of a difference to the game. I thought the second disc was very innovative because they’re using a different plastic for grip rather than just for weight distribution. Why didn’t somebody think of that sooner.

    24. Tom Davies says:

      What’s the point of the G1R1? If it flies like a Zone, what makes it better than a Zone? Do some people have trouble gripping Zones?

    25. _ says:

      I would like to see someone come out with a disc that is made of recycled tires. I would imagine they would be super durable. I have a feeling they would be pretty heavy and might not pass being PDGA approved without adding bubbles to the process to make it almost like a foam rubber. There are some issues being able to do this because of the tire and type of rubber itself, but I'm confident someone could figure it out … Jesse 😉

    26. Sam Howl says:

      He looks suspiciously like Natalie Ryan 🤔

    27. Neptun3 says:

      your sponsor section couldnt be more on brand for you lol

    28. Great video! I’m definitely interested in an Atlas Factory Second, but I have a question. Is there any way to guarantee a V2 model as opposed to a V1? I only ask because I never leave the house (or show up to the course) without my 32oz hydroflask and it seems like the V1 may not be able to hold that. I’ve been wanting a new bag but haven’t been able to convince myself to pull the trigger yet, but for this price point and the fact that I’d be keeping something out of a landfill, it’d be a no-brainer as long as it can fit my trusty hydro.

    29. Brendan says:

      g1r1 has a really cool concept but i fear they wont be able to get enough glide or make it any less stable due to the grip section of the disc being so much different then the wing edges

    30. Nastier Nate says:

      The top of the Oddgrip G1 is the slickest plastic I’ve ever felt a disc be made from. It has the exact look, feel, and texture of the lid of a Sterilite plastic container. The black plastic has amazing grip, but it felt super awkward for me to hold because my thumb was constantly slipping around.

    31. 805 Guitars says:

      thought about the oddgrip, but not for $30…

    32. Daniel 5:14 says:

      I can’t wait until we can start throwing ninja stars in disc golf Arigatō!

    33. love the bloopers at the end lol

    34. SR_SUPERMAN says:

      I love the knee deep sweatshirt that’s one of my home town breweries

    35. John R says:

      Great video! Two discs i saw on the Just Disc release post that had me very curios. Also I desperately want one of those f2 bags once they restock.

    36. Jared Evers says:

      In 7 hours they sold out

    37. T B says:

      Glad to see you at my home course. I made it in the vid at 10:26 with my 75 year young dad. He makes sure we get out there like EVERY day! Nice shoutout you got on the Jomez coverage of World's too!

    38. The factory second on that Atlas bag is such a great idea!!! No better of a person to rep it!!!

    39. Joe Hand says:

      I like how the 2nd disk gave you 3 arm speed variations of flight I wish all the companies would come up with that

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