TGC TOURS BEGINS – Qualifier Rounds 1 & 2 | PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay


The TGC Excursions journey begins with the qualifier, the place will we find yourself?
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    31 Replies to “TGC TOURS BEGINS – Qualifier Rounds 1 & 2 | PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay”

    1. Hahaha "im not gonna rage today"

    2. Baby D says:

      I'm amazed how people can get such straight swing paths with a controller. This is straighter than mouse on like the lowest of settings. Teach me your ways! lol

    3. This game is so bad nobody is playing online I think like three players

    4. Honest question. Won't playing a draw or fade towards the slope reduce the severity of the kick? Not sure if that's what you were doing or not but that's generally always my approach to sloping fairways.

    5. Maybe just a little bit of rage ?

    6. This game is so much harder on master man, hating it. Wait till you get to the tour championship on hard conditions, its insane. Shot +26 over 4 rounds.

    7. It's so enjoyable to watch you. You rant, laugh and be happy again in one Round of golf 😅. Keep up the work

    8. I like how you go from rage to laughter with one line from John. He has a gift. 🙂

    9. Lee says:

      Omg I’m so glad you did as fucking wank as me 🤣

      I genuinely made so many incredible shots on this course and just couldn’t hole anything I wanted to cry by the end 🤣

    10. Jason Baird says:

      The Legend of Sandbagger Vance has begun.

      On a more serious note, yeah, I also hate courses that punish good shots.

    11. Jeff1618 says:

      Not too bad… for the Hound.

    12. I haven’t seen screen tearing once yet since getting the game

    13. John Hampton says:

      I don't understand why people can't hit the like button! There's over 6,000 views of this and only 300 and something likes!

    14. Good luck in TGC! Side note, I really think the graphics are better in this version

    15. Slot Stoner says:

      What is the bug that happens in match play?

    16. Alan Kearney says:

      I was always close to you on the leaderboards when you played Elite! Unfortunately I couldn't get out of it lol. SNIPERkearney also representing the Irish

    17. Austin G says:

      I still wish I had this game

    18. SkyyJakk says:

      I love the idea of playing societies, especially TGC tours, but the greens being ice rinks and the swing timing being completely different than playing offline makes it not fun. I understand they have to make the settings hard to keep people from shooting -80 but it’s too unrealistic having greens and fairways that fast

    19. Hey Apex, what are your difficulty settings?

    20. Joshua J says:

      Algorithm please notice me. Lol

    21. riddles11_ says:

      Always a pleasure watching you on the course bro good luck with TGC make it your bitch bro you got this 😎⛳️🍻 you code apex for 20% off
      I've just signed up for TGC for the first time wish me luck 🙏

    22. XeroDeus says:

      sometimes I wonder if the devs built the game around the "cheater" balls. Like, if they introduced some type of forced errors in the swing plane, flight, tempo that you only see in the regular ball…

    23. madmonk 31 says:

      Love your videos they make me giggle especially when you jinx yourself lol
      Got my rouge energy order the other day, I got a starter pack with black cherry 🍒 blue raspberry 😋 cookies 🍪 and cream and blood orange 🍊 (was very sceptical) but I've enjoyed every single flavour especially the black cherry 🍒 😋 (and gd flavours to mix with the black cherry ?) But I do think that the cookies and cream is missing a little something, like a bit of cocoa 😋 but I'm glad I followed ur link to get the drinks and will be getting more, just wish I could get more sample flavours without having to buy another shaker! Keep up the gd work.

    24. Byrne Z says:

      I am having the same challenges you are, with this game. Horrible, ridiculous bounces on fairways. Balls rolling through the rough like it rolled on my kitchen floor. And the rhythms just don't feel right. A "Perfect" swing does not feel like it should be perfect. It is what it is. I'll figure it out but TBH I am not enjoying the gameplay the way I did when learning 2K21.

    25. Yes finally get to see u be miserable week to week again this is a great day 😂

    26. Apex: “I’m chill for this round boys no rage coming today”
      2k23: “Hold my beer”

    27. Stevie says:

      Are u doing anymore F1 videos?

    28. Drew Doll says:

      Show rounds 3 and 4

    29. Drew Doll says:

      For the algorithm.

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