TGW's Best Golf Drivers of 2022

TGW rounded up 8 of the top golf drivers from the biggest names in golf for the 2022 season. Under the guidance of TGW Master Fitter and product expert Rick Hatfield, our TGW customer testing panel of 10 golfers hit each one and compared its performance to their current drivers. Check out the full results and see the winners of our distance and accuracy tests:


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    8 Replies to “TGW's Best Golf Drivers of 2022”

    1. Love these kind of videos

    2. Fluffyguy958 says:

      Just got a 425 because of how easy to hit it was and how consistent it was. Not surprised.

    3. Surprised the Callaway and/or Mizuno Didn’t come in the top three in any category

    4. LE GEND says:

      Great video. I’m sure it was quite an undertaking compiling all this data. Thank you 🙏

    5. Don Cleary says:

      Great job. Would like to see a similar test with higher handicap golfers and senior golfers. Love your channel 👍

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