That putter sound is nasty… #shorts #golf #golfjoke

26 Replies to “That putter sound is nasty… #shorts #golf #golfjoke”

  1. TemetNosce17 says:

    Had the volume full blast at the office.
    ✅ Comfirmed everyones rumors that I watch golf porn 👏

  2. Rambo Hrynyk says:

    The swing is cherry 🍒 ripe mate…..

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣totally got me!

  4. CookieGunner says:

    Not what I was expecting, I'll remember this the next time i skull a 5 foot putt into oblivion 😂

  5. What's your longest drive

  6. Del Diaz says:

    I dont like this kind of swing. Thé social network effect, with people driving with a putter. Golf is smooth and nice, gracefull. Not this

  7. Brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Dan says:

    Got me good

  9. Your follow through and finish are way way way better with the driver check out your balance bro, so I guess you can’t handle the mass of a putter as well as the mass of the driver! Lol

    Just referring to one of your best videos about you can’t have a mass of the driver head !

  10. Dustin McCoy says:

    bro not funny the POD sound is 😍

  11. Martin H says:

    How do you not put your back out Marty hitting the Putter off the deck?! Yeah I'm still laughing!!

  12. whatsjustin says:

    Got my ass putting my ear up to my speaker

  13. Adam W says:

    Not even remotely funny

  14. CIKEDEES says:

    That's the sound I make when my playing partner slices it into the woods

  15. Bro is certified top g

  16. Eric Wills says:

    I just literally laughed so hard I couldn't breath 🤣

  17. When she's finally treated as rough as she likes

  18. Bold Brady says:

    I just had my phone at full volume in the car with my dad 🤦

  19. West Pole says:

    This is some quality ASMR

  20. What’s the video about? That’s how all putters sound like right?😂

  21. you would not believe it but my 9 iron is very racist so i dont like using him, almost got ganged up on by some black dudes last time, they wouldnt believe its the club

  22. Outdriven by a putter😢

  23. Assassine Lp says:

    the putter took it personal

  24. The putter sound is just so pure I could fall asleep to that sound

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