The 7 Most Absurd Rules in Golf

There are more than 600 pages in the official rules of golf. We found the seven weirdest, most random ones you’ve never heard before.

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The 7 Most Absurd Rules in Golf


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    14 Replies to “The 7 Most Absurd Rules in Golf”

    1. that kick at 0:53…. I'm dying over here.

    2. Only absurd thing about this rules, is this video

    3. Taxtro says:

      They must have played some interesting games of golf before agreeing on those rules.

    4. Tom Jeffries says:

      What about if your ball lands in an apple…or a papaya. WHAT ABOUT THE PAPAYA GODDAMMIT!!!

    5. Alex Gandy says:

      TBH most of the rules you said make sense except 4 or 3 of them because when you warm a ball it travels faster

    6. Derek says:

      The orange made me blink

    7. Nightcrawler says:

      Warming your ball makes since if you know the physics behind golfing. The more you compress a golf ball the further it flies the warmer the golf ball the more it compresses.

    8. aikidodude05 says:

      ok i get the idea behind music helps but why is this a rule. the music itself is not helping its just toning out possible distactions so how is this a bad then shouldnt all golfers be doing this?

    9. Anyone know where the dislodging a ball from an orange rule originated and if it's really a real rule for real?

    10. You CAN remove your ball from the orange. The orange is NOT a loose impediment, rather, the orange IS a moveable obstruction. Therefore, since the ball lies IN OR ON ( meaning touching ) the moveable obstruction, the ball MUST first be marked, the moveable obstruction removed, then the ball PLACED as near as possible to the original position as it was when it was touching or in the moveable obstruction…..

      Nice fail.

    11. the first one makes sense because you could hit a tree and the ball reflects on to you

    12. Randsurfer says:

      Well, make up your mind. Is this video about "absurd" rules or "obscure" rules? Title says one thing, audio says another.

    13. Geno says:

      Thank fook I only do Hit it init 🙂

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