The American Express – PGA Tour DraftKings Golf DFS Preview

Rick Gehman is joined by Greg DuCharme and Sia Nejad to preview the 2023 American Express from a DFS perspective.


0:00 – Intro, Course Breakdown, Field Analysis
7:29 – 10K+
15:31 – 9K
27:50 – 8K
40:20 – 7K
52:55 – 6K

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    4 Replies to “The American Express – PGA Tour DraftKings Golf DFS Preview”

    1. Cool fun nicknames at the end.. I have one.. The Good…The BADDS.. and The Ugly ! Good call on Badds as a longshot type play.. Playing very well lately…and tons of experience. How cool would it be for Badds to return to the winners circle ! Good luck to all the golfers !

    2. CMcSporty says:

      21:00 Sia doesn't get the joke! Either do I!! Great show as always

    3. Cinq is 5 in French 😉

    4. RAYzorSharp says:

      Thanks fellas!!👊🏻🔥

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