The BEST ALL ROUND Irons I've Ever Tested… for $589.00 FITTED?!

The BEST ALL ROUND Irons I’ve Ever Examined… for $589.00 FITTED?! When shopping for new irons what do you concentrate on? one of the best feeling irons? the longest irons? one of the best worth irons? one of the best worth irons? as a result of the most cost effective golf golf equipment on the earth might not be one of the best worth golf golf equipment on the earth… On this video I take a look at a set of irons which I feel is totally good for not solely newbie golfers however probably good for 99% of golfers who do not wish to lay our a fortune on new costly golf golf equipment… and one of the best factor is that they will come FITTED in your specs!!! how superb is that… the brand new Takomo 201 Irons… let’s do it… and let’s do it now!


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    39 Replies to “The BEST ALL ROUND Irons I've Ever Tested… for $589.00 FITTED?!”

    1. 201 , ❤ these are absolutely stunning and would fit the game perfectly right now 🎉

    2. Hey there JR. I will watch your vid tomorrow. Lets do it and lets do it tomorrow!!!!

      cheers and tally hoe

    3. Guy Hall says:

      Robbo, thank you for your consistently high quality of content. Your video editor is spot on…wife?!

      Your timing is perfect, fitted just last night for a new set of Titleist T100's, 4 & 5, Titleist CB 6-PW = $1,251 + tax + S&H!
      Oh, you want woods, hybrids and wedges…add another $1,500; new bag $230.

      How do i justify such and expense when gas is $7.00 gallon in California?!!!


    4. Absolutely love takomo looks and would love to have a set! 201!

    5. mighty joe says:

      201 !!! what a shape cant wait to test it

    6. 201 – they look fitted for me !!

    7. Rory Gaddy says:

      201!! I always love honest reviews of direct to consumer brands as they are really making the game accessible to people who are newcomers or just want to play every now and again but cant otherwise afford the front of the line companies. Thanks james as always solid work mate!!

    8. These 201s look like a solid option, but when will a true player's iron be released? "301 Tour" coming?

    9. Chris Tucker says:

      I'm fairly close to selling my Cobra Forged Tec Blacks for some Takomo 101s

    10. How soft feeling are these? Aa forgiving as srixon z5???

    11. James, based on your YouTube videos of these clubs, I ordered a set of the 101's custom fit. After two months and having emailed a few times I gave them a chance when they said they were having difficulty getting kbs shafts, finally I gave up and cancelled the order as it was now well over two months. I then contacted them again and asked that because I was left disappointed before would they be willing to sell me a standard set 5 to PW and again they had an excuse that the club's were pre packed 4 to PW , I did think they were making and assembling the club's in their own factory passing on the savings to the customer yet they couldn't even do that for me. Might be an okay club, I'll never know now, but the customer service was far from Delightful !

    12. Whoa.. the 7iron rolled back a yard.

    13. Matt Hobbs says:

      Be aware that if ordering these clubs to a UK address that you will be contacted after making full purchase that there is an import charge of approx £109.This is not made clear by James unfortunately or at the check out section on the Takamo website when they have been paid for.I am disappointed by this and it needs to be raised

    14. jon Q says:

      They are beautiful clubs… I wish I caught this when the video came out to give myself a chance to win. I'd probably prefer the 101's since I require a game improvement iron still… but those 201's are really, really sweet looking.

    15. Lee says:

      I was intrigued until he used the word offset.

    16. TrueBlue22 says:

      James, watching this video again because I am seriously thinking about buying a set. Would you do a video with Foxy in the simulator and see how he hits them. I am a 19 handicap which is closer to his 25 handicap then your 3.5 handicap. Thanks!

    17. Hi James, I’ve ordered a set back end of October custom made. Still waiting but excited to get them. Keep watching your vids on them.

    18. Brad White says:

      do the 101s or 201s go further for you?

    19. William V says:

      I’m looking to get a new set of irons. The set I have now are from 2005. I’m about a 20 handicap which irons do you think I should get if I do the 101’s or the 201’s?

    20. 201, absolutely gorgeous irons! Would love these for the new season

    21. Can't wait for the 201's and our round together James.

    22. Joe Nixon says:

      Any hope of a review on their Skyforger wedges? Wouldn't be bothered by that at all……on course review as well.

    23. Alain Simeon says:

      Hello, you mention an AM 101 iron in this video as forgiving irons. What is it? Cannot find them anywhere. Also what is the length of the blade for the Takomo's….thanks

    24. Nick Howes says:

      '201' I'm waiting for my 101's to come so I could have a chance to try both 👍

    25. Mike B says:

      Can you demo the wedges??

    26. David Durham says:

      They don't even make left handed clubs

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