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    48 Replies to “The Best ANTI-SLICE DRIVERS In Golf!”

    1. daniel mills says:

      I hit the LTDX LS, I'm 66 and have never had an issue with the club and can't figure out why people have such a hard time with it. I've been trying to get back to 300 yds but have only gotten as much h is 285 on a good drive, but I just love it si ordered a new all black version

    2. What about the X59 Draw driver?

    3. If I spent 500 quid on a golf club, there would be zero forgiveness from my missus. Zero.

    4. David Boddy says:

      I can remember a lot of guys playing with the power pod back in the day!!! What a blast from the past 🙂 !!!!!!!!

    5. Getting pros to review clubs and saying their anti slice clubs need to get normal people demoing them

    6. anyone get a message saying text me imediatley i have a prize/ got to ne a hack

    7. It looks like a dutch shoe

    8. I'm gonna need more than 18 yards of draw to fix my slice.

    9. Will Pitt says:

      You could do a whole dedicated video on that Power Pod driver Pete, it looks like you could have a lot of fun with it. Find a dog leg par 4 and hit it round corners

    10. thtsfhuny says:

      Why is there not an anti hook driver???

    11. FCHMR says:

      Anti Slice Driver are not the right way to prevent slices! Change your grip!

    12. J Mabs509 says:

      Putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound 😂

    13. Why not just try and fix the slice? Just a thought.

    14. Thanks Pete! Frankly I like the idea of the Cobra. You can use the adjustments initially to help but as you hopefully reduce your slice with the proper swing, you can then adjust back to a more conventional setting. The pod just looks so goofy, I can't help wanting one just to walk to the tee box with my buddies!

    15. I have the Callaway Rogue LS and I cannot hit a fade if my life depended on it. It is a 9 degree standard and I have the setting at -1 N. Closest I can get to a fade is a straight ball. Any suggestions?

    16. Aren't u a loyal TM staff? U always have been! if anyone has followed u for a period of time, they would know. Commercial is where your career should be at.

    17. Great review. Sounds like golfing version of top gear👍

    18. Evan Maines says:

      I bought the Stealth HD have and enjoyed… until I hit a great drive and hit it left. Still great though.

    19. You're getting better with age like a fine wine 🍷

    20. Michael Moon says:

      Say it with me "no club will fix a sh**ty swing"

    21. Great vid mate . Can i buy any of your drivers as they all abit to pricey 4me lol 👊😎👊😎 ps i am willing to collect lol

    22. nikmak says:

      I'd say anything for a free Taylormade Stealth as well lol

    23. Paul Dunk says:

      I think we used to get the day off as a reward for selling that Pod thing… utterly hideous! That Cobra on the other hand… rummages down the back of the couch for £400

    24. Croy01 says:

      Great Video Pete👌🏌️‍♂️⛳️, Exactly what you say get lessons to sort out the the swing and things will get better👌

    25. Mick147 says:

      Is the ping g425 SFT not known to be biggest slice killer on the market

    26. Lexx White says:

      Best cure going for a slice is a few hours spent with your local PGA pro.

    27. Pete, I bought an M1 last summer used. I pushed both weights back to the rear and presto, I'm hitting a fade and an additional 15 yards. But when I slice it really slices. Love this club

    28. Mike Alessi says:

      Peter thanks for putting out these product reviews and such. Cheers

    29. quazz79 says:

      I can defeat any anti-slice driver

    30. Briliant video Pete. I really love your content. Keep it up. Btw I watched a different video of yours how to fix your slice, and it really helped alot

    31. The worst Slice in the history of humanity? Well Mr. Finch, seems you don't know me😉😅

    32. You should definitely think about gaming one. Your last quest for the open video was filmed entirely on the right hand side of the golf course!

    33. Kevin Wood says:

      Never have needed one of those because I get my hands through quick, hooking is my problem. I wonder how many golfers would solve the slicing problem just by having the proper grip. Do you see that giving your lessons?

    34. Peter I know you probably won’t see this but I know you switched golf balls for quest for the open but one ball I have never seen you play is a Bridgestone ball if you see this at least try it and see if it can carry you into the open (ps when your in the open let’s biggest fan right here)

    35. Hey Pete, great video per usual. Huge fan of your content and your recent announcement of aiming for carbon neutrality! I live in the USA, but I work for a green energy supplier in the UK. I'll be visiting those offices in a few weeks and would love an opportunity to connect, if in any realm of possibility

    36. Why not learn how to not slice the ball with any club instead of buying marketing gimmicks, some ppl are such sheep.

    37. That soup ladle looking driver is just the ugliest club I've ever seen. And really I don't see how something like that helps your game. I actually think it hinders you because it's only one club from the bag. If you're swing tendencies are similar with every club, this only helps with the one club. MAYBE as a training aid. I'd rather just get a normal driver and get lessons to fix my slice.

      Good video as always. Thanks Peter! It's always fun to watch you hit these random clubs. LOL

    38. Ironheadify says:

      That swing @4:13 looked buttery. Reminded me of that late night 1 iron video from awhile back. Cobra driver looks like it’s from Sears.

    39. Liam Scott says:

      But Pete, we’re you trying to hit a slice or just trying to hit a good drive? How do these clubs perform for someone who is prone to a slice but could easily hit a duck hook the next shot?

      Edit: not talking about extreme exaggerations, just a normal, on course swing

    40. Kevin Maxted says:

      excellent video sir omg I wud do anything to own a stealth

    41. Glen Oxman says:

      I bought and use the Cobra in your video, although it's no magic wand it's certainly helped me keep my drives straighter. I won't be leaving it there though as I will have a lesson or two to help my swing technique.
      Great video as always, thanks for your efforts.

    42. Brian Ellis says:

      For those of you that think technology is going to fix your outcome… Go write your name and "I want to be better at golf" with a pencil on some paper. I'd bet in this modern world, writing is something you don't do regularly. Have a look at how bad your handwriting has become. Do you think any amount of money spent on a pencil will fix your writing? No. Get your swing analysed and practice practice practice. With repetition comes familiarity and precision. If you're hitting slices at the range without a specific plan to change something… guess what… you're practicing how to hit slices and the golf equipment marketing gurus thank you for your patronage.

    43. Gary Flesher says:

      Very entertaining and informative done well.

    44. I used to be a horrific slicer without hope of ever hitting a draw. It took me about 2 seasons of hard practice to finally see results. Now I hit a draw or the occasional snap hook lol. I had to learn the hard way that the more you try to force the ball left, the more right it went. My grip was fine, ball position was good, my stance was good. It came down to swing path.
      The best advice I got to fix it actually came from my dad. He told me to envision being in the batting box and hitting the ball over the head of a second basemen on a baseball field. It really made it click in my head how bad my club path was. With my old swing, I was trying to finish my swing with the club towards the third base foul line. It helped me see that my club path was way too out to in. Hopefully this makes sense to others and helps your games as well.

    45. Steven Calvi says:

      great vid mate.being a partial slicer and looking into a new driver…….club head speed 93/100…….so was thinking the Cobra LTDx with stiff/regular shaft. any thoughts would be appreciated.

    46. vegasgolf25 says:

      Is there an anti-hook driver? That's my miss even when I try to slice the ball.

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