THE BEST DRIVERS IN GOLF for every style of golfer

Looking for the best golf drivers? In this video, we take a look at the different types of golfers and recommend the best drivers for each. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, we’ve got you covered.

We also review some of the most popular drivers on the market and give our thoughts on which ones are worth your money. So if you’re looking to upgrade your driving game, be sure to watch this video!

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    36 Replies to “THE BEST DRIVERS IN GOLF for every style of golfer”

    1. M T says:

      Pretty surprised to see Cleveland in the "price" category and not the PXG.

    2. David Finn says:

      Funny that you put the TaylorMade in there as I have played 86 counting rounds this year and not once have I seen anyone using the stealth, the srixon zx5 should be in there in Max category

    3. noway the Stealth is an everygolfer category driver..

    4. Chuck Ross says:

      Mark , you prefer the Mitsi White raw shaft best ? Did you disregard Titleist TSI 3 . Not the best on tour for nothing .

    5. william f says:

      I have an stz 220 and it’s awesome very underrated

    6. David Reid says:

      This is where Mark is at home. A proper Club Nerd. Love this style of video. Such a good string to the Channel.

    7. David Watson says:

      Mark, all the guys at work can do is pound the driver. My driver is 225 250 max. Im a 2.5 handicap shoot in the 60's and low 70's they are in the 80's and 90's. Why is so much put on the driver? Enjoy your videos

    8. Greg Gibson says:

      Mark do you like the Mizuno better than your XXIO?

    9. Paul K says:

      Great video – Would love for you to test out sub70 irons/drivers, would love to see what you think of them

    10. Randy Mahony says:

      Good video Mark. How about players distance irons. Cheers

    11. I went to my local American Golf centre recently and asked to demo a PING 425 and a couple of other drivers as I have been playing with a Callaway Steelhead since the early 2000s but the guys in there refused unless I booked a fitting appointment to let me just hit some shots with a few different demo clubs to get a feel for them…I'm not sure if that's something that has changed in the last God-knows-how-long since I last bought a golf club / set, but I was kind of disappointed to not be able to go in a bay with someone watching for 20 minutes whilst I tried out some of the different models available. Is that standard these days or if I went to a golf club instead and visited the pro-shop would I get better treatment there? Felt like they wanted me to get properly fitted for a club that I'm really only wanting to try out alongside others before I maybe make a decision of what I want to buy…

    12. Stein Fonell says:

      Mizuno is brilliant. I game it with an Oban Devotion 6 shaft

    13. For me, the 2016 M2 performs very well. The head is a bit light so I added a bit of lead tape at the back for more feel then it was very close to perfect for my swing.
      I also like the old 2007 Taylor Made Burner Driver. I hit it as good as anything even though it is 15 years old.
      61 years old with a Moderate tempo with 93-95 mph swing speed.

    14. Craig Edga4r says:

      Dont like the feel and sound of the TM red face got the LTD x Ls 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    15. What are the dots I see on the face of your clubs?

    16. Gooner Tiq says:

      Glaring omission in the "Price" category – the PXG 0211 driver is £205 (with a choice of shafts including with the Evenflow Riptide shaft) and has been that price for a while. I have it in the bag and is exceptionally forgiving and my distance numbers have also slightly increased too.

    17. Picked up an M5 off Craigslist for $165 a few days ago. It had only seen a few rounds so condition is excellent. Will be selling the M3 I bought off Craigslist a couple weeks ago. I need to stay off Craigslist.

    18. I think you have missed pxg 0211 £200 direct from pxg , have you missed it out because you don’t rate it ?

    19. My driver is the Mizuno ST-Z. Shaft is Diamana 60 gram. I'm 70 years old, 13 handicap, driver swing speed of 90mph, average total drive distance of 230 yards. Taylormade had a demo day tent at my golf course recently. I swung the Stealth with 3 different shafts. And the Stealth driving distance was consistently 5 – 10 yards shorter than my Mizuno.

    20. MySpankster says:

      I have 2 drivers currently and i love them both…. PING G425 Max 10.5 and the SRIXON ZX5 9.0…….find both forgiving and the SRIXON about 10-15 yards farther….very happy with both….cheers from Canada

    21. Picked up the Cobra ltdx ls and it truly is incredible. Swing about 118-121 and it’s flight, feel, and performance are off the charts for me.

    22. Adrian Rice says:

      Cleaveland XL driver here in Canada is $529 , PXG 0211 $285 and Tour edge EXS 220 Driver $469 are cheaper .

    23. I want to see another Journey series. The last one was so good. It's been too long.

    24. Scott Barron says:

      Titleist tsi3 driver is the best feeling/sounding driver ive ever had. Good adjustability aswell

    25. Random question, is there a Driver you would recomend thats in the higher spin category. I have the tendency to hit with very low spin and my ball tands to dip….i dont do it with any other club just with the driver. Im tired of the low spin ones just too much dependence on high lunch

    26. J.W. Daunt says:

      Cleveland Launcher XL, Underated

    27. Gavin says:

      Great video mark 👏🏼

    28. Always a good watch Mark…great content!

      Glad you picked the Mizuno, I was impressed when I tested back in March, downside being that ~14 weeks on I still don’t have it ☹️! I’ll admit I didn’t test much but did have a go with the Stealth (don’t use a driver much, I hit it a decent distance, and my course – Broadstone – is relatively short) I was looking for accuracy over distance though and it just felt incredible in comparison to my current, very old, Titleist 913.

      Keep up the informative / funny reviews!

    29. One of the biggest things for me has always been the looks. Pick the one I like the look of, then get fit for which head or degree after. It makes me want to use it and practice to be ok with it.

    30. MegaChabrol says:

      Bought the cobra low spin one recently, he isn't wrong, the ball absolutely flies off the face and cuts through the air, I average about 250 but if you hit it plum and the roll is good you can get 300 (obviously better players than me could hit it even further), recommended.

    31. Upset titleist didnt make it but price comes into it alot with this brand. Biased!!! Yes i am

    32. No titleist driver in any category is quite surprising tsi2 and the stealth maybe for the standard category. Tsi2 very easy club to use expensive I know.

    33. Ken Eves says:

      MD Golf,Benross and PXG all make good drivers too but never get a mention.(is it because these companies don’t pay millions of dollars for a player to use their clubs?) just asking.

    34. Ian Parker says:

      PXG for me. recently bought a 0811 driver £289. great advice through their site and lots of options. I have been fitted over the years for two or three drivers and would definitely rate the PXG above them. so much so I am considering a set of their irons now too.

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