The BEST GOLF IRONS for a mid handicap golf or maybe any golfer. Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey have done a golf iron review to find out what the best golf irons for a mid handicap are. They are testing all the top golf brands including, Titleist golf, Callaway golf, Srixon golf, Taylormade golf, Cobra golf, Mizuno golf and of course Ping Golf. Which irons are the best golf irons to help your game, help your golf swing and improve your golf scores. Talking looks, feels, dry ball data and strokes gains number, is there a stand out iron in this category and are these irons suitable for any golfer? Enjoy the video.

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    1. Paul Stewart says:

      <£900 for 5 irons. Those were the days eh. Ping at £699 hahaha. Now Ping are the runaway most expensive, still cast heads lol.

    2. Paul F says:

      It would an interesting video if you compared your favorite best performing irons you have played over the years. What were the best overall in your perspective and playing performance.

    3. "lockey is tight"


    4. like women you always go with the one with the biggest chest, I mean smile 😃 yes smile that's the ticket 🎟

    5. Keith Tuttle says:

      As out of the box as I am (left-handed, budget minded yet "feel" oriented) I was ready to move on from my Cobra S3 Pros. I'm not particularly this brand loyal but I find that Cobra is 1 of the better brands when it comes to serving the single digit (handicap) LH golfer. The King Tour certainly caught my eye early on but in the copper finish (2021) it was too good to pass up on. After a long off-season here in Canada I'm eager to properly test them out but so far everything (performance wise) seems very familiar to the S3 Pros. The feel claims of the MIM vs forging seems legitimate as I can discern little difference. Did I mention the finish? That copper is something else and it gets noticed by just about anyone with eyes! Lots of approving opinions thus far.

    6. Question, your playing Augusta tomorrow, which set are you putting in your bag?

    7. chris davis says:

      Why is P7MC in the thumbnail isn’t that like a tour blade?

    8. Wander Dude says:

      You guys are the best.

    9. ryan g says:

      In not sure this is mid handicap irons. I’m a 8 currently looking for new set of irons. I would love to find a iron that is forgiving and easy to hit. Looking at the new mizuno pro 223, the new I210 when it comes out, mim tour, and possibly even callaway apex.
      I currently play srixon 585/785 combo. I’m a picker/sweeper. So the sole isn’t the best for a guy like me. Turf interaction matters.

      Thanks for your videos. I would like to take into consideration forgiveness. What I don’t want to lose 15 yards because of a slight miss hit. If you could do a video with great looking and feeling irons but from a forgiveness, I would appreciate it. Looking for that tweener iron, looks and feels amazing, but playing a couple times a week doesn’t make the game harder.

    10. JRG says:

      The T100 and T100S are NOT the same club, loft is NOT the only difference!!!

    11. T Charlton says:

      Wanted to see the Apex?

    12. Bigbluntman says:

      What are the circles on the club face?

    13. Toon Lad says:

      Forgiveness, confidence, feel all things I am taking into consideration, the mizuno and srixon are on my radar for sure

    14. Adamsappl says:

      I currently have the Taylor made P770’s. I want something different. What would you recommend that won’t break the bank? Thanks! Also, love the videos!

    15. Haha lockey tower , mizuno always great sound an feel , ping maybe the best way to go , we need that discount Matt nice video.

    16. Jay Kay says:

      I think you’ve mis understood what a mid handicap is. Zx5 not zx7

    17. Teddy David says:

      The guy with Callaway shirt and cap choose Callaway Nate diaz wouldn't have been surprised..

    18. My handicap dropped (last year) from 19 to 13. This year thinking about changing to a better players iron. Srixon looks nice also like Ping i210. What guidance can you offer? Thanks you 😁

    19. AaronH. says:

      Do blades feel “softer” than cavity back/game improvement irons? Still trying to understand what the benefit is to play a blade vs a game improvement iron. Is it if you want to be able to shape your iron shots right and left, you must play a blade. Otherwise you might as well just play something with more forgiveness?

    20. E E says:

      I tried a lot of these when me and my coach picked out a set of irons for me. In the end we went with the cobra forged tec. Im kinda flashy so i went with the copper ones. they performed amazing

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