The best golf smartwatch?! Garmin Approach S62 Review

The best golf smartwatch?! Can or not it’s? Might there be one to rule all of them! Watch my Garmin Approach S62 evaluate to search out out! I have been utilizing this watch for nearly 1 yr and have tons to share about this product made by Garmin.

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    23 Replies to “The best golf smartwatch?! Garmin Approach S62 Review”

    1. Why does the grass look soo poor? Cool video tho bud 👍 waiting for one of these being delivered 😊

    2. David Lucas says:

      I feel like I watched your game more than a review. I wanted to see each shot entered into the watch. Nothing about watch battery life, heart rate, etc…

    3. why are the height of those flags so short? never seen that.

    4. Howard Lewis says:

      Thanks for the video, nice to see an ordinary guy giving an honest opinion, it’s going to be my next purchase and I will probably go direct to Garmin in the uk

    5. sweet another delaware player nice review great product i have the S20 little dated compared to this but im considering getting either S62 or s42

    6. Javier A. says:

      Vídeo muy interesante, gracias por los subtítulos en español

    7. Erik Janssen says:

      i like this amateur youtube filmpje. thanks for the review. maby i bay this watch or the S42. look for more film s about it. thanks from the Netherlands.

    8. Nice to see an average golfer playing honestly. Thanks for the review. Just bought myself a S62 :o)

    9. Great informative video. If you play a 9 hole course does it calculate after 10 rounds or does it not work for 9 holes.

    10. jcun121 says:

      I absolutely love mine. It has so many features some of which I haven’t figured out but hands down can’t be beat.

    11. Did you preload your clubs in there?

    12. john keeney says:

      Not much of a review of the actual watch. A 173 yard drive..ouch, that’s an 8 iron for me. 😐

    13. How did it know which club you using ?.. ( ,big bertha)

    14. durian shake says:

      I just bought my S62 last week… It's already my 3rd round.. why I couldn't see something prompting me what club I used everytime I smash? No automatic recognition of clubs I used. I need to manually input the club everytime thru "last shot"…. I know virtual caddie will start after 5 rounds…

    15. Does it convince you to just go home in the middle of a round ?

    16. So it tracks the distance but doesn't track drive accuracy when it knows exactly where you are per GPS?

    17. Just bought it in the netherlands. Like it a lot. Tbh I expected it would only have the American Courses but they have so many. Love it! Would you also recommend the CT10's? Does that provide added value except for the auto shot tracking?

    18. jez warren says:

      Really nice review, thanks for that. I think you've convinced me to buy it.

    19. Hell yeah Bogey King.

    20. Tommy Eden says:

      Thanks for the review. I just bought the S42, I love the green side view, but I am not so sure on the virtual caddie and that seems to be the main advantage for the S62 and if you want that sort of thing I think it would be well worth it. For me though, I can't play golf with virtual caddies. I really have to get into the feel of a round and sometimes, even though its 8 iron distance, I am taking out the 7 because I am just not hitting my 8 that well that day (I play mixed blades / composite set). It is a fantastic looking watch though and well made, the GPS on these Garmin is better than other brands I have used.

    21. Josh Farrell says:

      Do you need the CT10 club tracking for it to keep track of your strokes?

    22. Reax 22 says:

      I have the S62, its a fantastic golf watch. If you can afford it, buy it. They make cheaper versions, but the S62 is the mac daddy!

    23. chase cook says:

      I just became your 44 subscriber, I have a question for you. So I want to buy this watch, but I also am not truly considered. So at times if I make a bad shot, I'll drop another down to see what I did wrong. I'll still play my first shot because, I want to see my true score. My question is I can't do that anymore because it wouldn't track my real distance on my clubs correct if I do this correct? Btw I had the garmin s10 I believe. It was nice but this seems it help out a lot more with the "caddy" tracking my distances.

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